Gongs will vibrate in Aladja Monastery

Dea/ August 4, 2019/ Spiritual Development/ 0 comments

The first Gong formation in Bulgaria has already made several successful concerts during the year. Since the beginning of the year, the premises of Radio Varna and the Planetarium have gathered hundreds of fans and are curious to attend this mystery. It is implemented by five yoga instructors from Varna, united by the idea of ​​doing something for the people,

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Falun Dafa

Dea/ June 16, 2019/ Spiritual Development/ 0 comments

You may have heard about this practice, its followers in China are even being harassed by the authorities. This is ancient Chinese practice of balancing and health, clearing negative energy before it accumulates and becomes disease. It increases creativity, reduces stress, and the quiet mind chooses the best solutions … although today there are many ways to prepare and work

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Ginka Georgieva for sex

Dea/ May 28, 2019/ Spiritual Development/ 0 comments

Ginka Georgieva is a psychologist who works mostly in the problematic areas of partner relationships and intimacy and sex. Often combines Family Constellation, Gestalt Therapy, Expensive Art Therapy, Primary Trauma & nbsp; and dealing with sexual trauma. All this helps people who turn to her to end the unfinished relationships or situations that take away their energy and keep them

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Treatment of time lines

Dea/ May 22, 2019/ Spiritual Development/ 0 comments

Petar Petrov is a psychologist from Sofia, known mainly for making regressions in the last decade. I wrote for him, you can see. However, he cures also with other methods that are not so popular, but I think no less interesting – like the treatment of time lines, It also uses it in individual sessions with self-sufficiency – alone or

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Some of them sound like a verdict. I admit it until recently, and it was scary for me. And I did not decide to proceed to this method and for another reason related to the confidence and doubt about the leader (I have a negative experience with hypnosis – where nothing also gets reiki). And at all – is it

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Venelina, who heals with Theta

Dea/ May 12, 2019/ Spiritual Development/ 0 comments

You must have heard about the treatment for Theta? He is gaining more and more popularity for the benefits he has. How it works briefly: replacing the wrong thinking programs that prevent us from achieving what we strive for. And thus, in fact, we are getting closer to happiness! It is the joy that Venelina Angelova has attracted to the

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Peter Deunov for Food

Dea/ March 28, 2019/ Spiritual Development/ 0 comments

How does food help us to grow? The recommendations were given by the creator of the White Brotherhood, Peter Deunov. According to him, we can use the healing properties of different products and spices if we mean what they have the most influence on our organism. For example, the parsley says it treats pains and ailments in the stomach. About

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Peter Deunov for the Foods in the Days

Dea/ February 24, 2019/ Spiritual Development/ 1 comments

Although many people are currently making the Downov grain regime, today I will draw attention to another fact that he gave importance to. What to eat on different days, so that we are in sync with the planets to which they are subject, as well as their respective colors. Interesting, right ?! It turns out that the colors and the

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Everyone has a hundred years old

Dea/ February 24, 2019/ Spiritual Development/ 0 comments

One hundred years. We have been given so much life. And how do we use it, we decide. Whether in a disease, whether in joy and how long … According to Petar Dimkov we must first decide what our mission is and with self-confidence to follow her fiercely. He was sure that one must live long and feel young. To

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It’s an Anthonyday!

Dea/ January 17, 2019/ Spiritual Development/ 0 comments

Again a group of holidays are ahead of us, Today is Antonovden, and tomorrow – January 18 – Atanasovden. The ethnographer Goran Stefanov from the Historical Museum in Malko Tarnovo will again tell us about them. According to a legend, they were brothers, and the saints Anton and Atanas were blacksmiths, years ago, when the forging pliers were not invented,

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