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If you have not yet reached the Chiprovtsi region, where besides the monastery there is a waterfall – it is time to fix this! I’m kidding, of course, but as you know – there is not a small amount of truth in every joke. So – check it yourself, and to “motivate” you, I’ll put some pictures:

By the end of May is the “time of waterfalls” – but this “baked” tourists know it well! Spring is the time when they are the most deep, then their waters are reduced, and if the summer is dry it is possible and dry! Right now it is the most fresh green, which is the other motivation to make your plans in beautiful Bulgaria as soon as possible, even for a weekend. Beauty is anywhere around us, so whatever route you choose, as long as the company is pleasant, the mood is guaranteed! Be open to new and new routes, because pleasant surprises are often at a single break. And memories even made in a minimal time are what warms us sometimes and all our lives!

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