Copper Ridge, near by Sozopol

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Near Bourgas there are many interesting places that nature has positioned for balance. Such is Bakarlaka – about 30 km south of the big city in the direction of Sozopol. There are several roads for the net, but if you are a medium-sized car, do not break the bad roads, and take the main road to the south and turn three kilometers before Sozopol through the village of Ravadinovo. in the direction of the mountain. If the weather is clear, you will see the hill peeing over. To the final destination there is an asphalt road, you can also use it for a ritual climb with a bumpy step up. The protected area extends to decars in the vicinity (practically the whole hill) and is located at about 400 m above sea level. The interesting thing about rock clusters is that they are somehow grouped – in one place, there is more feminine, the more masculine energy. One feels like a thick forest with an elven presence, and the shadows play on the trunks all day, and they are “upholstered” with soft mosses. The greenery and tranquility surround everything that has been gathered by snowdrops, and you have to go through the entire complex, you have to venture, jump over branches and carefully choose where to go if it is slippery. And if you are absent from the cups of Pips on the ground, you will be fascinatingly beautiful!


The other place is more open and there governs the lichens. The sun bakes, the wind is swirling, and the eye enjoys views as far as it gives visibility ahead. In fact, straight ahead, it is St. Ivan Island and I’m not sure it’s accidental! The Bulgarian translation of the name Bakarlaka is Copper Rid, and this explains the ease with which you go from there. There is honey in the bosom of the earth and this positively affects the health of people, so many citizens of Burgas prefer to go there on a short but complete extra-urban walk.


Especially in the spring when the blossoms and the lilacs. Everyone leaves from there, unloaded, loaded and smile. Which is the goal of any other walk outside. Because nature is the place that processes our stale, severe emotional states and transforms them. With the introduction of technology into our everyday lives, we actually worsen our health, almost without realizing how. That is why it is very important to be able to recover with the right places. Like that. If you are away from it, find something similar near you, but do not stay home!

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