God’s eyes

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There is one place in Bulgaria that reminds us that there is someone above us for whom everything is clear – he sees everything, knows more about us and can change everything. Cave Prohodna, near Karlukovo. In the heart of Bulgaria, just below. They call it “The Eyes of God” – why do you …

It was one of the holy places for the Bogomils.

Due to its relief and specificity, many climbers and cavers are doing their work there today. And probably not only because of the rocks, because they have them in many places in Bulgaria. There are no reports of incidents and bad news. On the contrary! And the fact that buildings for the mentally ill are also near, speaks a lot about the impact. All over the country, people with the most lax mental psyche are isolated in such places of power to make them easier. Here, in the Prohodna cave, part of the film “Time separated” was shot. Although easily accessible, it is very influential – like a temple! It definitely respects all visitors in some particular way. Divine place, definitely!

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