Have they been ancient healers in the country?

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There are some special places in our lands, which are more special – healing. Even the word with which they are labeled: “proviral” is no analogue anywhere in the world. Have they been like a polyclinic at the time when health care was based on quite different practices, Kostadin Dimov thought.
Kostadin Dimov is from Burgas, but for many years he has lived and worked in Kazanlak. In the last few years interest has led him to small and completely unknown sacred places in our country, mostly related to the Thracians. In order to be more entertaining, the expeditions in which he visits similar energy places organize a group of friends with whom they share common impressions and interests. His interest in the prisoners he treated was also noticed by a colleague from the Bulgarian National Radio and yesterday their conversation became public on the air. I suggest you listen to it, and as you may have read – I have already written about the bargain in the village of Lilyach Here’s the interview:


The Dea Tomorrow Cruise, December 9, Costa organizes a march and who also wants to join the group. The aim is the new Ophalos – 6 kilometers west of Kutela over Rozovets. It will take a dirt road and a trail until it reaches the hut under Bratan peak. Leader: Radnyu Shopov. An ancient ritual will be performed on the omphalos. Then it is also planned to visit Protivalka over Domlyan.
Enjoy all participants!


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