Irakli – un bijou marin

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Cape Emine, the beach of Irakli and Emona are only an hour’s drive from Varna. This is the most eastern part of the Balkan Mountains and the place is especially for several reasons – except that the mountain chain itself divides Bulgaria – north and south in two parts, the nose is a watershed for the maritime territory like the northern and southern Black Sea coast. And even the sailors themselves know that they have to be very careful to pass it, because surprises are always possible on the other side. For example, time to change sharply, water to “turn around” and a number of other changes that even alter the plans of seafarers. But let’s get back to what a modern tourist can get from this wonderful place. Cape Emine is the end point of the international tourist route E-3, linking the Atlantic Ocean and the Black Sea, and in our Bulgarian part is our “Kamino” more popular like Kom-Emine. Why is it so transformative, you can answer either by going through it or in the less painful way. When you think that some truths are understood in the hard way – loneliness, contemplation, beauty, and difficulty.

Once there was a monastery – it was in the 10th century. Today it reminds only a part of it and moved a little further in the mountain – the church of St. Nicholas, which, after being declared a cultural monument, is abandoned at the leisure time. But if you look at some of her details, you will find her beauty.

There are several ways to feel better about what is special about this place, and it’s like spending more time / you will not be able to walk away quickly / take a look. You do not have access to Farra, of course, because these are military objects and they need special permission. But you will see it relatively closely. And that, I would say is enough / I have /.
They are now laying new asphalt on the section of Emona-Irakli beach, extending the track and soon parking. So this part is no longer wild, as it used to be. The bad road to the village of Emona stands. And the feeling of spaciousness and freedom everywhere on the plateau with the wide sea near the seashore Emine. A sharp smell of sea, screaming of flying birds and infinite, sunk in a quiet timelessness. Place only for philosophers and artists, as well as for tourists! And the last ones have no other business than to look for the shore in the difficult way … And so with an alpine rope we passed the first part of the transition to the 8km continuous coastline. We had the pleasure of seeing how she was changing – from large stones to the first third of this section, through more slimy ones, until finally we reached the sand! The Bulgarian coast is beautiful and varied enough and in fact does not give way to the Greek!

Here nature has left us a sign of why we have to appreciate the sunny and calm days … Because not all of them are so!
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    1. It is possible, yes. Unfortunately, I think it comes from Google who prefers everything to be Latin. My titles are in Bulgarian because I am from Bulgaria and then translate them into English and French. I will obviously have to change it, however much I do not want … Thank you for sharing! Nice day!

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