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When it comes to Christmas, I always put it in white as snow, warm as wood in a fireplace, something red for luxury, style and beauty, inspiration, and miraculous dreams come true. Accumulated by expectation, but Christmas is also this – suddenly good things happen to you, and all over again! And what a better thing to do for the biggest family holiday with a trip to old Europe! For example, Vienna, I told myself and hey, hop – right there with a direct flight from Varna.

Christmas bazaars – so popular at this time of year are already in full swing and if you are cold-resistant, you will be able to enjoy them at max. Surviving there is a matter of gulping quantity of “Gluco Wine” or egg punch, accompanied by a bag of roasted chestnuts or a portion of sizzling oily meat that smells from afar. Vegetarians are not very much respected at these latitudes, so it remains to beautify ourselves for a faster elevation.

The Austrian capital, however, offers much more than that of the city’s guests – portions of culture, class, style and a bunch of surprises in divergent directions according to interests. There is no way you can give up your money, no matter how rare the hobby you are! It is already planned that you will look for it! The transport is well-arranged, moving at intervals that are almost unreadable (literally 24 hours a day) and, most importantly, it is heated everywhere. Considering the minuscule temperatures outside, in every room where you come – no matter how big you are, even if you get cold, you will “thaw” at once! It is not saved from the comfort of the people and it is evident that this is their formula of survival over the centuries.

Christmas bazaars are scattered in several key locations around the city – in front of Schönbrunn and Belvedere palaces, around the municipality, museums, churches and where not.

I did not see representatives of minorities, for which I should keep my bag or take any precautions. But I saw police cars “flying” swiftly and categorically through the pedestrian otherwise central zone! I was impressed how calm and spiritual people are, responding when you ask them something. Without suspicion. What distinguishes them from other European nations, however, is self-esteem, combined with casual communication. Order and restraint in the most pleasant range, so to speak.

It’s different from Rome, Barcelona or London. They lack the Italians’ rush, the noise of the expansive Spaniards, the crowds of tourists that you can hardly miss, or the embarrassing hectic movement in London. There is something to be seen, but in a specific way, which is an example. Abe, Vienna! There’s no way you can not repeat it.

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