Saint Anastasia Island

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Do you think that there are no Greek islands in Bulgaria, to which people from all over the world are trying to reach for at least days to warm up these memories in the winter, you are wrong!
There is one that is accessible to tourists and even quite well –
o. St. Anastasia near Bourgas!
The water trip starts from the Burgas Railway Station, where several boats leave two hours during the warm months. The six miles pass somewhat imperceptibly – in the expectation of stepping back on hard ground and the pleasant coolness of the sea. With a glass of frappe, time is running away imperceptibly!

Do you know that in the Bulgarian aquatory we have five islands? And they are all on the southern coast. The largest is the island of Saint John, near Sozopol, where they discovered the relics of John the Baptist. But he has no free access.

On o. St. Anastasia can be a walk or staying with a night. You decide! Depends on your current attitude – a brief escape from everyday life or complete relaxation. Each of the boats walks twice a day to the island and back in the summer and awaits passengers to make a two-hour walk. Passengers who have paid a return ticket are not required to return with the same boat if they want to spend more time on the island. But they must warn not to wait for them on board and to know when the last boat of the day is.
If you are curious to find out what it feels like to be a true islander, then find out how you will feel when you are surrounded by water everywhere, and the air takes care to “clean up” all the stagnant places in your head with a dose of wind!

So the routine escape prescription is clear: a dose of adventure, a respect for the sea, a lot of romance, a pinch of timelessness and distance from the world, and the problems with a maximal mood of course!

Those who know it are already aboard one of the boats and are traveling to the island or are already there.

Because of its isolation from almost everything and everything, this piece of land has changed its purpose. The history of the island is dynamic. Here the vicissitudes of fate make several big bends – initially there was a monastery, and the nun with a tough fate was known for its herbs. Today Pistoir bears her name.

And yet – who was St. Anastasia?

The details are given by the sole owner of the island, Pavlin Dimitrov: “Saint Anastasia was born in the 3rd century in the house of a wealthy Roman general, close to the Emperor. Her mother was a Christian and her teacher, too. She sees that the Christians were then chased and persecuted and decided to help by treating them with herbs – a healer called it. So, today there are planted herbs on the island, from which they make tea in the medicine. In the 5th century her relics were moved to Constantinople, and her followers came to our lands. Since the 6th century they have chosen this place for solitude, since then there is a chapel. ”
But he had other inhabitants over the years – there were times in which he was called Bolshevik, and there were isolated political prisoners, uncomfortable with power.

The island has welcomed tourists relatively recently, and apart from the cold and windy days, as well as the moments when Neptune sets quotas for visitors through great sea excitement, we advise you to plan your trip by comparing it with the weather forecast and relying on luck . Because if the port of Burgas is closed, ships to the island do not sail.

St. Anastasia is undoubtedly an attraction for the citizens of Burgas and for the guests in the city, so the idea of ​​the municipality to make the place accessible and interesting for tourists is wonderful. The restoration of the buildings has been done on a European project and it is definitely a good job – this is also the conclusion of the committee that came to check the result on the spot.

Today, the island has a governor and, of course, it is the best guide. Do not be surprised at his sudden appearance from different directions, it is absolutely normal for his temper and fits perfectly into his post.
Full of good moods and funny stories, infecting everyone positively, so recommend if you have an unsupported idea of ​​your stay on the island to discuss it with him to get it as you expect.

What can you see on this handful of land in the middle of the Black Sea ?!

A museum that gathered the past – a mock-up ship with pirate treasure, three-dimensional Orthodox icons, and pictures of notorious people. Because the same building was a monastic cloister and a prison. So, if you hear the noise of chains, the crooking of boards, the ringing of coins, or monastic chants – do not be surprised! All this is gathered in this matter.

Pavlin Dimitrov explains that, besides history and nature, he helps the island experience better by sparking the imagination with the rock formations that step into the sea and lean towards the shore.
“From the 16th century there is a convent, a female monastery, and the golden times of the monastery are in the 19th century. The church was built in 1802 in this form when the unique iconostasis was given. King Ferdinand wanted the residence, but the church does not give it to him! ”

It is known that in 1925, 43 of the exiled political prisoners here flee and ingenuously reach (with boats and swimming) the forests of Strandja. They are hiding and moving to neighboring Turkey, from where they continue to Odessa, but unfortunately most of them find their death in Siberia, where Stalin sends them. Some of them still return to Bulgaria after a while, and then the power is called the Bolshevik stakeholder – in their honor.
As soon as you get tired of stories about the island and want to relax in an acquaintance of our time, it’s time to take a trip to the restaurant – the kitchen is very good!

Do not be surprised if you see a mailbox on the island, it is operational, and there is even a validated logo with an emblem that you will see on every detail here. Positive messages from tourists from here travel to anywhere in the world – to New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, all over Europe, Canada and the United States.

For many years he had been lonely and lonely – only fishermen and boatmen came to visit him. What he looked like before the restart was clearly seen in the film “The Island” by Lethiezia Casta, shot in 2010. The fact is that with the help of Europe, the island is already a modern tourist destination.
The buildings are preserved in their authentic style, a lift for people with disabilities, there are 5 rooms for accommodation, a hall, a church, a restaurant and a … a doctor where the visitors with a sweet jam, olives, lemonades, wine and what else do not!

Apart from culinary memories from the island, you can also take souvenirs. Original magnets, eco bags and even a recipe with a recipe from the island are the product of a social program. Everything that has it here is made with a lot of love from people with disabilities, so by buying a memory of a relative, you help strangers feel useful. Exciting things you’ll see in this store – like straw hats for a strong heat, or windbranch for another mood of time, as it quickly changes. But do not worry, nowadays it is much easier and enjoyable on the island – with herbal tea or red wine next to the fireplace in the restaurant,

As you sip your drink, you can dive into the legends of the rock formations and mysticism around the crowd. But do not forget the rational thinking, which suggests that they rather show what the origin of the island is and that rock formations are part of a long-extinct volcano, such as the Strandja Mountain. And, under construction, it is considered even older than the Himalayan chain!

The so-called “Sun Gate” is orientated eastward toward sunrise. Whether it was sculptured by nature or a man made by a man, it is still a guess, but these rocks keep the island from the strong Eastern waves.
The next image that imagines people on the edge of this short land is the Dragon. Next to him is the petrified pirate ship. Legends tell how pirates came to the island when there was a monastery here. They crossed the seas with their fast boats, called seagulls. And the nuns prayed for a livelihood. Then a storm came out and the ship crashed into the shore.

Another proof that the island is on a volcanic peak is the sweet water that gathers in the wells – about. 4-5 meters above sea level. Even from there, they used water before they drank drinking. Also the oldest water reservoirs – water tanks – have been preserved since the 16th century from the south of the church, where now is the well of desires and the new treasure of the island is already being accumulated. And here is a legend that there is a pirate spirit that still hovers around and calms down only by ringing coins. We did not hear it while we were there, so the coins donated from all over the world are acting well!

There is also a copper strand across the island below sea level. So the lighthouse guards say that if you have a compass, you may find an anomaly in your device. Whether it is because of this, but the people who are constantly here notice that the place is strengthening our inner moods, so the positive people smile even more, and those who, in general, look at the sadness of life – better bypass the island, so as not to spoil the mood of others.

Especially feel like being on an island – here you can see how the weather changes sharply and how much you depend on the moods of the natural elements. After a while the last ship from the island leaves, and with him and the staff who cares to travel. I will share a curious fact about the life of the island: after a while the last boat of the day, and with him and his staff, leaves. He is almost certain that tomorrow he will not be able to come to work because the excitement of the sea will be extremely strong. In such cases, people are missing out on the working day, but if you ask yourself if there are more vacancies, I will disappoint you.

There is also a lighthouse and guards on the island. Their attitude is that they may always have to stay for longer. They are saved with food and patience, some are already drawing. They tell you that the basic condition of being a lighthouse keeper is to love loneliness, that is to say

They tell you that the basic condition of being a lighthouse keeper is to love loneliness because the 3-4 day workouts can be extended to ten in extreme situations. They also have a library in the lighthouse, read from it or on the Internet. And loneliness is not the same in the 21st century after the municipality released the free Wi Fi on. Saint Anastasia.

The surprise end of his stay on the island is the receipt of a document – something like a traveler’s title. This is the only museum in the country where you get an Islander certificate. He writes that the current owner is obliged to remember with a smile for his stay on the island and to tell everywhere about the wonderful place he has visited. Getting out of here, every islander receives some of the treasure hidden in the island – an adventurous spirit, freedom and love for the sea!




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