The Dolmen

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Dolmen are stone sculptural ensembles of ordered natural larger stones in a certain way to form something like a “gate.” At least these were the Thracian understandings for healing. The idea is for the person to go through the opening (which is often not very easy, but that is part of the ritual), and overcoming the difficulties in this way to overcome and transform what prevents him. Typically, these practices are related to restoration of health or conception. What is happening in practice? The places of power help to restore the “breakthroughs” in the aura of man, to “fill” the holes to the primordial integrity and the man to heal. Especially the one I photographed is in the “Gradishte” area near Dolno Dryanovo in southwest Bulgaria near Satovcha. There is a whole complex of cult stone figures – face of man, frogs, dragonflies and tortoises, and what still sees your imagination. But dolmens of this type are very common in southern Bulgaria and they are mainly associated with infertility in women (and not only). Whether these places have helped everyone and how, we can only guess. But even nowadays – although the ritual is forgotten, people are flocking – sometimes with last hope, so most of them help!

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