The Dry River Canyon

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This turn shows where the water was before hiding in the bowels of the earth. The Dry River Canyon is one of the most amazing places in Bulgaria, where nature dominates everything. It is located between Dobrich and Silistra in the direction of Tervel. Especially this place is between the villages of Onogur, Balik and Corporal Bakalovo.

The purpose of this route is mainly this Christian monastery – but as it often happens in other destinations, the road to it is no less picturesque and saturated with interesting moments. His name is Gyaur Eveli or at least the local Bulgarians know it, and the local Turks call it Bulgarian houses. I’m not kidding, it’s a fact! The other name of this rock monastery is the Mint – you can even guess yourself why. Excavations archaeologists have not officially done. Unofficially, everyone knows that treasure hunters roam around. And they also find coins.


The road to this cave goes to the right after the end of the village of Onogur. Legends for her – many. One of them / told me by an age-old man I happened to meet at that moment and returning to my native place after 40 years of living abroad / says that at the bottom there is a drip dry tunnel that goes out after 4 km in the yard of a house from the village. “A lot of gold got out of there, and a chariot even …” – tells the man memories of decades ago. The house has already been sold, private ownership is – you know, and its exit has already been overgrown with branches. So do not risk your life for nothing. Whatever it was, it is nowhere else.

An inside look from the cave to the ceiling. This is the message.

The entrance to the rock monastery Onogur, famous for its longest corridor, 67 meters.

Is the view anymore?

Probably not very different. Today, part of the area occupied by the river is already full of a dam. This is exactly what he sees from this position to highlight the beauty of natural beauty and explain why monks-hermits have chosen this place to “hear” God better.

This is the corridor with its branches. It’s always more enjoyable to go out with friends in the past!

One of the niches inside

And this one looks out – maybe something like a balcony?

Ladder (not very stable) leads to the second and third floors of the monasteries in the vicinity. The bravest ones are picking up … Others can see where they are, without taking unnecessary risks. It’s also worth it. Because the panorama is respectful, the silence is literally divine – torn only by the cow bites, the scream of frogs or the ringing of sheep flocks that feed on will.

Here is wonderful in every season, but of course it is the most enjoyable in warm weather with a long day. Then he prefers to have a leisurely walk with friends, sitting here and there, picking herbs and enjoying the fairy tale around. In the summer, however, to your surprise, I will warn you that it is too hot, there are almost no shadows on the way except in the rock monasteries. Well, fountains are not lacking – water actually gave God, but the most unpleasant thing is that the road is literally impassable by a prickly and dense tall vegetation. Grassy grasses are the most natural hedge to the Mint, and they emerge with full force from the right conditions here – heat and moisture.

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