The Eмyan Canyon

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The Eмyan Canyon, or still called the “Negovan Eco-Path”, will seem difficult at first glance. It can be said that it is in the heart of Bulgaria because it is located in the middle of the northern Varna-Sofia route. Shortly after Veliko Tarnovo (in the direction of Sofia) there is a branch for the village of Emen. And if we have to be even more accurate, it is 21 km after Tarnovo and another 8 km to the right along the old asphalt road to the village, passing through the previous village of Balvan. After a long escort of roadside trees, you will see the first houses. The bridge and the widening will tell you that you are in the right place. To the right of it is the eco path sign. There are two options – summer and winter, for wet and dry terrain. Judge yourself who you prefer. One – the bottom passes through a fountain with spring water, then a slightly steep but memorable climb will take you to the panoramic path along the Negovanka Canyon. And then you will understand why you were this time and what it means to see wide-screen and large-scale! And the senses absorb everything while the soul sings.

The more observable will immediately make an association of magnificent views with the adage that water breaks through the stone not with force but with patience! How many epochs have passed, as long as the river is hit in the at least 40-meter rocks? But the view today is actually striking. Beginners and lovers of hiking in nature can also enjoy it. Even many parents with young children. But you have to be especially careful because the canyons that have been made a few years ago are not supported and are already very dangerous to pass. So they warn several signs on the track. Otherwise – thanks to the bridges, it entered the “womb” of the canyon, where the majestic power of nature was felt with all its might. Now this respectful feeling keeps the pilgrims of the wildlife at close range. And the waterfall “Momin jumping”. However, we recommend that you go there if you have a way or want to be in a special place – a creation of nature. Worth! There are a few places where you can admire the panoramic views from the top of the hill or just take a breath. There is a place to go to the village to eat or stay with the night, so do not be in a hurry to leave this place blessed by God!

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