The white Italian town of Alberobello

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Have you ever been in this Italian city as if it came out of fairy tales?

No?! You must fix this immediately!

The so-called “truli” are a special kind of houses, no analogue elsewhere in the world, created with a very prosaic purpose. Though today thousands of tourists will go there, ever, if you will – believe it / it was a poor region. So much so that people were willing to get up (literally) their house and stay home without paying a tax. And as we know, tax evasion is a sort of “national sport” in the good old Italy … The construction of the tortoises is a pile of unbonded stones between them and a bearing stone that has been pulled out when the tax collector everything turned back into a pile of stones! If there is no building, there is no tax! And so 300 years … This is a bit of a story about these houses that are really amazing! They do not have windows, their shape is conical in the roof, and when you look at the whole of this town, it’s as if it were created by other people in another world.

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