To Survive in Bulgaria

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I think this is the most suitable slogan for tourist advertising of our country. All other myths and legends – that we are hospitable and go directly to the “round folder” / understand the trash bin / only when a foreigner gets into our city transport and collapses with the notorious “hospitality” and intelligence of the Tandem Conductor / Driver! That’s why I started riding a bike … to say it straight! In order to miss these dialogs, which I do not like, but they do not work well. But why do I tell you that? Okay, come on a little background …
Yesterday I had an interesting day, but my thought is about the end of which my French friend Patrices asked me if I had a little more time. I had. However, in the biggest traffic at that time in Varna it is not ok to drive by car when you only have an hour and a half. And suddenly I got the genius idea to show him something that no guide would show him in the city – the place where the world’s oldest processed gold was discovered. Immediately we went to the industrial area where the terrain is located and shortly before we parked in front of the abandoned unfinished administrative building, which seems to be already bombarded, he looks at me slightly frightened and asks where I lead him … It is likely that it will happen to him something criminal there. So, we sneaked through a trappable amount of junk and grass, rustling the door, and we walked boldly along the path between light garden plantings – green salads and onions, ripe strawberries and piled trees with white and red cherries, and we felt almost like the Garden of Eden. The visible energy was changed and Patrice even exclaimed: “Oh, how beautiful! Garden!” At that moment an adult man emerged from the nylon shed, looked at us, and asked where we were going. As long as we respond adequately / because I’m sure there is no guards /, he handles us two shepherds and makes us friendly that we will need them because there are snakes … Here Patrices again worried, but I relaxed the atmosphere with the factual explanation that they are in principle deaf and not aggressive (only if you come to them without seeing them …) and I go boldly forward. I even offered him strawberries, but he said he was not a thief and followed me gently. The trail was getting harder, and I told him that it was good and clapping from time to time, for though deaf, the snakes heard vibrations and moved away from the road. He gave everything to himself as a traveling orchestra, helping him with mosquitoes and some bigger flying insects that sounded buzzing / for the identical sound he called them a “dron”. We sneak through the ever-thinner path and discover the hidden “riches” of this place – out door furniture retro collection and even beehive! I was not sure now that it was safe to pass, but he consoled me that if I did not catch them, it was not scary. I had no intention of doing it, and perhaps that’s why we went without a doubt. but I stepped something up and … I was not sure if I could step in again. He offered to sit down to get away and to rub it, but after a short look at the place we gave up – bees, big ants, junk … just stayed there, too! We went a little longer, and a tidy garden of zucchini, tomatoes, and what looked like it was shining before us, but our attention drew on a more modern and clean bench where Patrices invited me to rest. We also tried the white cherries in front of us – they were divine! And to distract me, he jokes: “Here, do not you feel here as a queen? Look around, these people work for us, how much do we pay for that man?” Nothing, I say. These people here are harvesting the hobby, the land is not theirs. Only process it temporarily. Ahhh, nod, understand it – and what does he eat? Radish? But, it looks good!
However, the mosquitoes immediately attacked me and I offered to leave. As we head back to the trail, a big black dog and a few smaller ones came through it … I did not expect such challenges in history! We decided not to go back down the aisle, but a little further – by going through the plantations, avoiding traps of frog-wells, of which people obviously consume all this, and we are far from the sight of the big dog. We did it! After we got out of the thorns, I decide to offer him a beautiful view of mood, and so we are close and we have a few more minutes to jump to Lake Varna to see what romance is. But there’s an obstacle there: rail rails with removed barriers. A train flies. A car in front of us. We wait, but nothing. Neither the barriers rise nor we move. They apparently forgot to pick them up, I say, and I ask the man from the front car what we are waiting for and whether we can walk. He raises his smiling shoulders and we mess up the rails – I’m ahead, he behind me. Just when I was passing the second one, I see that the third train is set … Quick! – I command a falsetto for emergency evacuation and with banging hearts we bounce into the safe zone. Abe, it’s working for you, Serravier. Patrice really managed to feel a surviving look, and even today he sent me a thank you saying that after we survived among snakes, mosquitoes, ants, dogs and train, nothing more can scare us! I like how she thinks, positively somehow. Achieved the basic rule in Bulgaria! I am telling this to another acquaintance who I met in the evening of a film about madness in art (from which it is clear that modern art, in short, goes from madmen, or more precisely from patients’ drawings, sounds very logical!). Peter is working at the Archaeological Museum, where the exposed treasures of the object in question are exposed, and he asks me why I do not bring him directly there – seeing the man and understanding the significance of the discovery – will just give him the impression. It makes an analogy with the Thracian mound in Karanovo where the debates of the archaeologists were whether to leave the finds at the place where they were discovered or to be exhibited at a museum at all. because visitors are actually going through a startling Gypsy neighborhood, which will soon be settled in the mounds themselves! And what will these people really remember? What they saw and did not move or the other they passed through? And how will they feel after such an adventure? Surviving, right ?!
I’m gonna show him the museum to pick up the rating …

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