Vienna in winter

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Even if you have been to Vienna many times, if you have not visited at least one of their main museums or palaces – you have not understood their culture! Because the finesse of the Western European aristocracy is locked there, and it holds the explanation of many questions.

The luxury created even before the age of centuries still respects today. The exquisite details are admirable, and they are in abundance and caressing the eyes of connoisseurs. Where would we be if Turkish slavery had not stopped our development forever! Do we realize that the price for this splendor, which we are looking at, is paid by us – the Bulgarians, by stopping the Ottomans on their way to Western Europe. Fortunately, there are no major conquest destructions in Vienna, and the monuments of culture and the symbols of Christianity are in their authentic form.

Schonbrunn is a good solution even if you only have time for a palace. Because the interior is preserved, and if you are more suitable (understand the warm season), you can also see the gardens, where the founder of the Sea Garden in Varna – the Czech Anton Novak was trained. Belvedere is the simpler version of the Baroque Palace in terms of maintenance and lack of interior. At the moment, they are using the building as a gallery decor, where original paintings of Gustav Klempton are preserved.


Some of the visitors of the Austrian capital prefer to feel only the atmosphere of the city and direct their efforts to the Christmas bazaars – there are several places: besides Belvedere and Schonbrunn, the Museum of Sissy, the City Hall … I miss something else, but it does not matter. My word is that whether you are walking there during the day or at dusk it is worth trying the roasted chestnuts, the mulled wine or the punch, listening to the fine trellis of Christmas melodies, admiring the exquisite hand-made Christmas decorations and of course – the cold-keeping of people working outdoors in these serious winter conditions!

A variation to warm up for a while and then go out again to feel “Christmas Vienna” is to stop for a coffee break with a Sauer cake or Vienna Trio / 3 mini cakes that were the favorite dessert of the elegant Princess Coussie in some of the pastry-like pastries such as Mozart, Sacher, or another of your choice. Waiting in a queue at the door until a table is released is worth it! You will just hear a symphony as soon as the receptors sense the culinary masterpiece.

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