Bulgarian scientists apply their findings

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Nine scientists present as entrepreneurs their startup in front of investors – this happened yesterday in the contest Entrepreneur in science, writes the electronic edition of “Bg science”.

The scientific projects presented in September are already competing as specific business ideas. 30,000 leva is the award from the Karoll Foundation Knowledge for one or more projects.
It is expected to decide which one to support after the speakers from abroad also vote.
The training was developed by the Karoll Knowledge Foundation specifically for science and has a practical purpose. This enabled researchers within the program to build on and develop their ideas. During the contest, ready-made teams and start-up products were shown.

What are the projects that are struggling to finance?

A free mobile app for farmers to shoot the plants grown. Artificial Intelligence analyzes the fluorescence signals emitted by plants and returns the analysis to producers who can take appropriate measures to save their produce.
Develop more active, stable and affordable catalysts and electrodes with higher usability and lower cost. Highly efficient electrodes to produce cheap hydrogen via alkaline electrolysis of water with low environmental impact.
Small Capsule – Mechanically controlled electronic pill that reaches the small intestine, delivers medication, takes a substrate, and is non-invasive.
Development of polymeric nanocomposites with increased strength and hardness, electrical conductivity, microwave absorption, improved thermal stability.
Biological cultivation of Mursalski tea and revealing its phytotherapeutic potential.
Plant protection by isolating bacteriophage-antagonists of phytopathogenic bacteria to deal with bacteriosis on tomatoes and peppers.
Nanotechnology for recording information, cleantech optical data recording with a density of 1 TB / cm2 and a lifetime durability guarantee that includes the durability of mechanical, thermal and chemical impacts.
Production of a new, thermostable lipase for various applications in the industry.
DNA Screening-Test for the Prevention of Bladder Cancer.

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