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Irene is a lovely young woman with a look of a model that conquers her with a casual smile and exquisite behavior. Her specialty is rather unknown in Bulgaria, but with great potential, so I meet you. I would like to present you: Irene Hristova – a personal style consultant and her sacred space My Stule Agence by Iren Hristova

Most ladies claim that they know each other very well – what’s going on, what they need to avoid, like cuts and colors, what jewelery they go, and so on. to all fashionable details, but not always our idea means that we have a reality overlapping assessment of our taste and vision. And there is nothing terrible about it, as there are people like Irene who have studied the subtleties of this art in the good old England. And as a pupil of the same age, Irene is delicate when she has to give a little good news, and leaves that feeling of refinement to her interlocutor, which sounds like a residual aroma of expensive perfume in the air.

You must be wondering how the interview is going to determine your personal style – well, in stages! First there is a preliminary conversation, then it is also established which is the leading color range and their proper combination with neutral colors, as well as analysis of the body structure – to determine the appropriate cuts of clothes, and the person – for hair and jewelery. Then a special test is completed – within 45 minutes you answer different categories of questions related to your preferences to determine what you feel the best and what you would look irresistible.


For me, for example. there is an interesting style variety that can be explained by my twin sentiments and occasions. Still, classical style and urban chic are leading! Which is true, though in most cases I am sporty or semi-official because of my engagement at the moment.

However, the biggest challenge for you may be the reorganization of the wardrobe … Because you will see things you do not wear, but you hold them for some masochistic reason. You will find forgotten clothes and emotions related to the clothes in your wardrobe and you will establish the relationship between your attitude to old clothes and people who have disappointed you. You do not wear them, but you do not throw them, look at them from time to time, and then return them back to the shelf. You will find that even you have label labels waiting for your ball … Sad, but a fact! Even I have one such Navy (lace) dress that I bought almost a year ago from Europe’s largest mall. It’s really wonderful – branded and dear to the French company Sandro, but it’s too formal to wear it. And let’s note that I’ve been using a bicycle lately … you know I can not drive it! Interestingly, just after I did, I went to a volunteer event to read and record audio books for the blind. And guess what happened except Uncle Stoyan’s merry childhood poems! The book “Project: Happiness” of some blogger! And guess what happened to me to read from it! How she had a girlfriend who had already cleared her wardrobe from the unnecessary “memories” kept in her clothes, and had the cause of pushing her friends to do so – making it more motivating to get the empty hangers first because the stack of they are easy to export and act motivatingly! The other two steps were to worship and create new family traditions because it unites people and affects them positively on the mood, and the third – if you do not have time to see your girlfriends with young children or those with a new business, do it! Because postponing something “stuck” as a thought that something is not over, but by doing it you feel very good! And beyond this deviation, but also in relation to it, you must be prepared for the new stage of your life that you are starting with – a new vision, new clothes and a new self-esteem. And the move to this is the next step with Irene, acting as a balm for the soul – a personal shopping tour!

So, the result finally stands out – an authentic handwriting in clothing. Which means not just to follow fashion, but to “fit” the fashion trends to our personal style, to make confident choices and clear messages through the elements of our clothing.


Irene Hristova is a certified consultant from the Color Me Fashion Academy in London. She believes her mission is to change people with more beauty. By helping them to see their strengths and to express them consciously through the elements of their clothing.

You can call her if you decide: 0899/88 78 38




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