Gong concert at the Palace

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The Palace of Queen Maria in Balchik will become a scene of an outdoor gong concert to awaken the ancient power of Bulgaria. It is made by five enthusiasts, yoga instructors and other spiritual practices – Merry, Nelly, Daniela, Yassen and Joanna. For the summer solstice night this year they will join forces to increase the beneficial effect on people. For the healing sounds I have already written, you can see here:

Yassen Georgiev: “In my opinion, what is being done is to work through vibrations – we can say the sound, but at a deeper level, which in some form returns the balance in the energy of living beings.”
If you are looking for a rational explanation of these processes, it will certainly be completely and inaccurate. They do this all year round in the halls. Somewhere acoustics are very good and there is a strong effect on the participants. But in nature, and especially in places with ancient ancient power, is much stronger as the effect of Nalbancheva: “What is happening during a concert is very magical, mystical and strong, and every person who has come, experiences it differently People usually close their eyes and relax, leaving the sound and the vibrations, some sleeping, others “traveling” in other worlds, it is impossible to describe in a word what is happening during the concert. energy that purifies, charges and heals, some see it, others feel it Third, they hear it, for each according to necessity, condition and intention. “

The time and place of the event are known!

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