Guest Houses near Historical Park

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The Historical Park near Varna – in the village of Neofit Rilski / approx. 40 km from Varna / will be open to visitors at the end of June. But if you have a way around and are curious about how it is going, you can do it, even if you decide to “dive” in the past. It is possible to do this without missing the comforts of modern life because the guest houses / they are three in number and are in the Renaissance style / are ready and expect their first guests.

The kitchen can bring even more people, but will stay for up to four!

Feel cozy in our ancestral home. But with all the conveniences we are used to! Of course it is possible. The price so far for 1 house per night is 100 leva. After opening the Historic Park, it will be slightly higher.

So far the place has only been known to the Neolithic settlement, whose restoration was made in one of the houses in the village.

After the discovery of the new site, the initiators – Ivelin Mihaylov and his team expect thousands of Bulgarian and foreign tourists to visit the park to see in a diminutive form and in one place the collected history of the Bulgarian lands with the more significant buildings scattered throughout the country. The opening of the Historic Park will be the start of the construction of the large object. The spectacular facility will be developed and expanded over the years, and there will also be a horse base, a café and a restaurant where a certain line of ceramic pots and dishes typical of the Middle Ages will be observed. There is still an opportunity for people to buy shares from the site , to bring them a certain return over the years. In this way they will also be good for the faster development of the Historic Park.

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