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Unusual form of art can be seen today in the Archaeological Museum in Varna – drawings of microorganisms. The exhibition includes 40 drawings of microorganisms and will be exhibited until 30 November.

The idea is of “Bulgarian Science” Magazine, similar to the American Society of Microbiology. But the inspiration of the Americans comes again from Bulgaria – from the first in the world drawing of microorganisms of the editor of Bulgarian Science magazine Rositsa Tashkova and the enormous interest that caused her bacterial tree.

“To paint in petri is inspiring because microbes are an active part of the creative process. These works not only look alive, they are alive and take time to become visible with the naked eye, to form and reveal their colors. And the biggest challenge is to look at how the fabric you create on the canvas is constantly changing, “Rositsa Tashkova commented. “And since microbiological paints are alive, the work develops for a day or two, demonstrates its beauty and then begins to die – a true micro circle of life.”

The opening of the exhibition is tonight – 1.11.2018, 19 h.

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