Photo exhibition at the Alcheological Museum

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“On the way to the spondylust” is entitled the most recent exhibition, dedicated to expedition, related to the spread of spindulus clam, which today only exists in the Mediterranean. Once, however, the area was larger, even used for a circulation coin. The reason for the photo exhibition is the 30 years since the expedition “On the road to the spondylus”, which was made for experimental purposes. The idea is a study of the sea route of trade contacts between the Aegean and the Black Sea, during prehistory. The expedition was then carried out by a diving ship “Kamchia” – Varna with routes: Black Sea, Marmara Sea and Aegean, to Piraeus and vice versa, with scientific leaders of the expedition – Prof. Mihail Lazarov and Ivan Ivanov from the Varna Archeological Museum. The exhibition will show archival photographs, a model of the ship “Kamchia”, the compass and the binoculars of the ship.
The opening of the exhibition will be on October 27 (Saturday) at 10.30 am in the corridor of the first floor of the Archaeological Museum in Varna.

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