The wild Sakar

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Sometimes we look for the truth too far from us, and no need. Why do so many people head to spiritual tourism or a pilgrimage trip if you call it Bali or Kamino ?! Because myths already exist that in this mystical experience you find yourself. The truth is you can only hear yourself in silence, and it does not depend on the place. This process can actually happen if you leave your zone of comfort and your usual environment and engagements, but it could also be transforming into a hut in the mountain without scope and people or in an abandoned village. Or anything else where loneliness and silence is guaranteed, and then there comes the shy voice inside. Try it! You may like it. I went to Sakar Mountain for 4 days and felt it. I went nervously, tired and on the edge of my mental powers. And I came back after a long rest, though it did not. This makes nature – it restores us. This also happens with occasional meetings and conversations with people who live in a completely different way from yours. And they make you think. For the other point of view. And you can find it as you walk through the sun and heat, wind and rain, fog or the animal sounds heard in this cosmic silence.

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