Everyone has a hundred years old

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One hundred years. We have been given so much life. And how do we use it, we decide. Whether in a disease, whether in joy and how long … According to Petar Dimkov we must first decide what our mission is and with self-confidence to follow her fiercely. He was sure that one must live long and feel young. To be healthy to be able to think good and to fulfill his mission, to be hardworking, inquisitive, to spend his life without vices (such as cigarettes and alcohol), sleep more – up to ten hours a day, stop the meat and we foster positive thoughts. Let’s get to know our bodies and anticipate their needs and problems before they emerge. It’s not so complicated, is it ?!

And from his advice:

Do not lie down, he says, live in order and harmony, which means – arrange the space around you to arrange your life as you wish! According to him, the two actions have a direct connection because the order raises the thought of man, he helps him in the successful realization in life. In fact, chaos prevents even his health, Dimkov says.

With regard to food, it says it is important, as long as it is important to be alive and so! To feed to live, not the opposite. And also the thought with which we take the food. So he thinks laughter is the best dessert! It’s here already … I can dispute, but anyway.

for more on the topic, read “100 Years for Everyone” by Peter Dimkov

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