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You may have heard about this practice, its followers in China are even being harassed by the authorities. This is ancient Chinese practice of balancing and health, clearing negative energy before it accumulates and becomes disease. It increases creativity, reduces stress, and the quiet mind chooses the best solutions … although today there are many ways to prepare and work under stress.

Translation means “The Great Way” and like any other spiritual practice, it is more interested in the way than the result, although it is very fast, although it is not a race! What you can feel right away if you are a sensuous nurse is the tranquility that comes after the exercises and then a slightly funny rhythm of life that is like a counterbalance to the stress that everywhere offers us.

These are some meditative exercises that repeat and with which we strengthen our patience and strength in them. Nearly every city has a group of practitioners, and in Varna they are now meeting at the Pantheon in the Sea Garden, at the clearing of the Rosarium / near Zoocta /. There is also a poster that will guide you so you are welcome on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am. It will be until the autumn, as long as the practices can be held outdoors. And yes – they are free!

The system includes 5 meditative exercises that increase energy in the body, unblock energy channels and clear negative energy, the first 4 being performed upright – slowly, and the last loop is in the lotus pose and with a 7-8 minute hold on a posture.
The basic principles in Falun Dafa are three: truthfulness, kindness and patience, each of which includes the other two!

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