Gongs will vibrate in Aladja Monastery

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The first Gong formation in Bulgaria has already made several successful concerts during the year. Since the beginning of the year, the premises of Radio Varna and the Planetarium have gathered hundreds of fans and are curious to attend this mystery. It is implemented by five yoga instructors from Varna, united by the idea of ​​doing something for the people, the city and the country together, united without including the ego in the intention. For the summer solstice they defined the Palace in Balchik, in July the area of ​​the Roman Thermae; in Varna also gathered a large audience and now – in August is the turn of the Aladzha Monastery / August 17, 2019 at 9 pm / The idea of ​​choosing places is to vibrate the sound to awaken the ancient power of Bulgaria and make it united. Sounds resonate in the human body and heal it, and so do space.
New to the program this time around will be to tune the audience to the venue with silent choir and Sufi dance Sem, the common thing between them is that all these ancient practices – both of the hermit monks in Aladzha Vanastir, and of the Sufis and the Bulgarian choir actually reach one thing is the silent acceptance of God in our hearts

Price: BGN 5 for the museum and BGN 15 for the concert. If you wish, you can leave more!

More on “SeAcret Sounds”:
The five – Nelly Rousseva, Vesela Nalbancheva, Yassen Georgiev, Daniela Giakoei and Joe Crowder – are students of the Grand Master Massimo Piazza of Italy, with a foundation in knowledge of the sound and exceptional power of the Gongs and ancient musical instruments. The band believes in the good and the infinite Power of the Universe, which is why it undertakes these innovative concerts. Each has their own spiritual path, working in a different studio where they practice yoga and other spiritual and healing practices. Together, they bring together their experiences from different aspects, and they put all their love and dedication into their joint project – “SeAcret Sounds”. The great power of being together is their message to everyone whose focus so far has been competition. The road to success and satisfaction is through unification, always! The five healers with gongs and other ancient instruments are convinced that they would be happy to hear from all present. Welcome on 08/17/2019 from 9 pm

Here is more information about the tones of the planets and the frequencies of their instruments that resonate in us and in space:

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