Injuries often lead to cancer

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I suggest this article because many people do not realize what the insults are leading. Today, I read it in one of the groups that I would highly recommend: “Sound therapy and therapy”. Galin Petrov, as a creator, cares to update the content with everything that people look for as help for various diseases. And let’s not rush to offend and hold insult in ourselves is a kind of health prevention. Because if this emotional state is not transformed, it can lead to an oncological illness. And the insult takes away our vital energy, and in the end it really kills us.

It is a direct path to any disease!

We are disgusting when we think that we have neglected us when there is an injustice to us, a profound insult, deception or ingratitude.

These emotional traumas remain in the body as energy blockages and stifle the flow of energy movement therein. So, in time, the illnesses appear.

Napr :. a problem with the thyroid indicates that there are “retained” words, silent, unsubstantiated, insulting or otherwise.

With time in place, close to blockage, muscle tension remains. This reduces blood circulation, which leads to a reduction in our immunity. That’s how we become potential victims of viruses and more serious illnesses that can permanently reside in our bodies.

Long and aged insults are dangerous because they undermine the work of the organism and deprive it of the joys of life. Some people are even willing to continue to insult their insult, take care of it and carry it with them all their lives.

If we are too prone to insults, however, we are talking about another – that we do not want to take responsibility for our lives and subconsciously transfer it to others.

Some use insult as a way to manipulate other people by making them feel guilty.

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