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The peaceful fighter

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15 December 2018
English, Spanish, Russian
Join our online event and learn more about the hundreds of people who do good in the world!

We are inspired by our teachers and participants in lessons and seminars that lead their lives with love, follow their hearts and express their visions for themselves to improve the planet.

We – Dr. Miles Reed and Arin Alexander (both followers of Carlos Castaneda) – will lead this unique event together with our teachers and participants from over 27 countries. Do not miss!

We will talk about the wisdom of peaceful warriors, how to learn to be alert to our own potential and overcome our fears by telling stories and showing our ancestors’ practices to restore health and vitality to all levels.

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“The Peaceful Warrior” is an online platform where we will communicate through video and sound. We want to hear and see you!

DATE: Saturday, December 15th
TIME: 20:00 in Moscow
LOCATION: online
DEAD: 60 min
LANGUAGE: English, with simultaneous translation in Spanish and Russian (through TeamSpeak)

Video of previous events

What is energy?

The Institute for the Study of Life Energy offers comprehensive educational and medical solutions to help you live with vitality and maximize your potential. The Be Energy methodology is the foundation of our services and products, providing a foundation for healing and joy.

“Energy” combines movement, education and additional medicine to enable you to be healthy and prevent illness. At the core of our services and products is the understanding that we are the energy first.

The Institute of Life Energy Research’s programs cover the years that Co-founder Aarin Alexander held with Castaneda, as well as his 20-year educational experience worldwide.

In everything Aerin makes, there is a unique sense of urgency and joy that spreads through the teachings of her students. It really embodies the joy of a warrior.

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