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Some of them sound like a verdict. I admit it until recently, and it was scary for me. And I did not decide to proceed to this method and for another reason related to the confidence and doubt about the leader (I have a negative experience with hypnosis – where nothing also gets reiki). And at all – is it necessary? Because that’s what you know, who or who you once were. What is the importance of today and how does it help us now? Well, maybe … it turned out! So I did it! The result surprised me too. And he is as big as you are opening yourself to the process. If you want to learn – you will learn. If in doubt – it’s more likely that nothing will happen. Petar Petrov prepares people for what he expects on their journey for nearly 40 minutes and then leaves them to see for themselves something before, having a choice: to trust the process and leave what is most important to them in this to come out as pictures or ask a specific question. I personally left myself on gambling, but I think that if I had asked a question, it would have come out again!
And so…
I saw myself as a little boy – between 5 and 10, who was hiding under a table in an old Revival house and listening. I was wondering where I am and when this happens … Bulgaria from the past, the house is obviously an inn, and I had to hear the plot and report it – that’s my task. I was afraid of discovering me … I saw the silhouettes of 20 men who talk loudly and drink wine. It is during the Renaissance – I am clear in Koprivshtitsa – no, but something like architecture and region – that of Stara Planina. During the Ottoman rule. “Velchova Cerva” appeared to me as a phrase, year – 1385-6. Precise years of the child – 7. I was dying of fear …
The second situation that followed was after 5 years in a room that is a Cell or Mutual School and I’m learning – I’m writing something on the wooden benches. The voice that leads this journey through time directs us to see where and with whom we live, how, what we eat. This is a key issue, because whatever we do during the day as activities, the evenings are more secluded and delayed and give a fuller picture of life. I noticed that I was still moving alone – our house was lonely on the hillside, there was a forest next to it, and I loved to play around the stream and watch the water … I slept directly on the floor, maybe there was a mattress. I ate fruits and whatever was in the woods or what others gave me, but I could not see a family. “Poor poor” – I sometimes heard, but that did not affect me in any way, because I did not know otherwise. And the peace and freedom I had was enough for me. I ran down the hill, crossed all terrain, and reached as far as I needed to transfer the information. Reporter Without Borders, One Kind! And now I am subordinate to Mercury, the planet of communications, but with the means of modernity. I do not know who made me do that then. Surely it was not my idea, but I did not see it – obviously that figure is not important in this case. They have chosen me for this difficult task because the child is not in the eye. And I had become a spec to be invisible to survive.

In the next picture, we had a choice of what to see – ten years ahead or back in that time to clarify something. I chose to be back to see where my family is. I saw him slain and slaughtered by Kurdjali or Turks. They did not see me, I was 2 years old and I’ve been playing higher than the house. When I came back, they were still there, but my relatives were not alive! As I say, in this life, Manol, I hear an answer. Who Manol / Family? / – Master Manol.

The next situation in the past is the nod and the last one – building a bridge, I have helpers. I do not know how many, a few. Big bridge, but I did not recognize it. It was not finished. Baking the sun, the air is glowing, a very tender girl with a white jeep and a Bulgarian costume of cypra – a living room and a luncheon comes to me. He looks at me with clean eyes, in which I see the whole universe. I do not know my girlfriend or woman – she’s very young and beautiful, but I know we have a strong emotional relationship and she’s the only bright ray in my life. My heart shrank because I knew what was coming … embedding her shadow! It is not common. I watched the lush water beneath me and wanted to die … It was. I did not see it anymore. I do not know what happened, I only know what I was thinking. And I asked why they showed me what was the point of re-experiencing? The answer was, “To get out of the sacrifice, it’s not always that the external circumstances are final. We can change them.”

Naturally, when I got home, I checked all the facts, even though I knew some things about Master Manol and the unsuccessful Easter attempt of Liberation from slavery. I found a discrepancy in the figures, which was normal in Akasha, Peter then told me (1835 Velchov’s attorney in Turnovo). I found a picture of Master Manol – he has an erected monument in the center of Razgrad and there is a wings. This has its explanation, as described in the poem by Assen Raztsvetnikov, dedicated to the master and the Selimet Mosque connected to Edirne. I remember that when I was there, I had a respect for the architecture and the performance of this art monument. Only that.

Here the story is still tragic and is related to the character and principles of the master. When he finished this spectacular construction, his guarantor summoned him and asked if he could do something so good again, even better. Today, because I am also aware of other similar events, still connected with this belief, I already know that this is a misleading question that should not be answered. Only then, the young man, who was pleased with his work, replied cheerfully: “Yes!” To point out that his talent still has somewhere to unfold. But he met the darkened glance at the verdict: “Am I a little money I gave you … And why windows are not 1000, but 999?” The young man, who had already realized the mistake, said, “My mother came and she told me to make 1000 or more windows, but an Orthodox temple, that’s why.” “You do well, Aga, you listen to your mother, but …” Then you can see where the story goes. But the master, though he had finished everything, asked for a 4-day delay to fix the mines. The gunpowder guarded him from underneath so that he would not escape, and in the evening he dug his golden silver ring from the wings of the wings … with which they said they were flying from one of the minarets and did not see it anymore. Most likely, he’s just thrown from there and so the story is over, it does not matter. The people need to mythologize the actions of those they like and so keep the memory of them! And for Velch’s covenant he wrote that there was a traitor, and most probably it was the innkeeper … because there is some kind of kinship that sounds logical to have been. But it may not be … No one ever saw me then. But let’s go back to this day!
The question is, what feeling remains in us / in me … And it is again at a loss. After other losses and betrayal. Then, on the bridge, I felt like I was a great traitor. Now I read that the other Muslims warned their wives not to come early but Master Manol – no. Because everyone has given a word! And he has kept it. I want to return the time when a deal was handled with a handshake. Without contract. Just the word! This is a male act for me, but everyone pays for their principles.
Whether you have read this, you will dare to dive into your journey where you may not like what you will see – you decide for yourself. If you are ready, you will dare. And you’ll probably win, though it looks just as scary as jumping out of here:

… but it’s worth it. Because it helped me in another aspect very similar to that of the past. The “betrayal” theme was very painful these days and I reacted sharply again – from the loss. But now I have looked at things from another angle.

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