Venelina, who heals with Theta

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You must have heard about the treatment for Theta? He is gaining more and more popularity for the benefits he has. How it works briefly: replacing the wrong thinking programs that prevent us from achieving what we strive for. And thus, in fact, we are getting closer to happiness! It is the joy that Venelina Angelova has attracted to the method several years ago, not dramatic reasons, as is often the case with some. We meet her at the coffee near the sea, which she loves very much like a varnen and she is missing in Germany (where she has lived for 7 years with her family). It has just ended a three-day seminar, which was specially fled to Varna. We are talking about everything – about the turning of life and finding the Way.

Although she is not one of the most trained, she looks at life and says she has chosen to live abundantly. And it talks about how important we feel, because everything comes from – the choices we make, they take us to other roads that can lead us to our “highway”! And he gives an example of how two people can coexist in one house, actually living in two different worlds – abundant and deficient in their internal barometer. She lived among the peculiarities of three nations – after Bulgaria they settled in Greece and today they are already working in Germany. A mixture of Balkan temperament, mixed with southern peace and German precision. Interesting is the exchange that is happening in its surroundings – it breaks them with hugs and spontaneity, they accept the restraint of emotions and the preservation of personal space. Probably that is why so many Bulgarians are scattered around the world to spill untold goodwill and sincerity! He says it is prehistoric cliché that in Germany people are cold. And that there she met so many angels who continue to help her as little wonders happen in her life. Her life could also become a plot of film – because of the flamboyant flame in her eyes that makes her act with a smile. But let’s get back to the method …
She is attracted because she sees the result of it. He says that in recent years his dream lives, and that makes her feel inner satisfaction. She had felt the strength in herself before, but she did not know the key to her. With Theta, treatment has already discovered it and feels rich. Not in the sense that most people put in, but in feeling that you have a lot, and that the angels are everywhere and help when you ask them. With her help she / a foreigner with three children and without speaking German / gets a state job, a wonderful home and exercises her hobby – instructor is the yoga of laughter. She is convinced that we are all connected. The subject with the abundance she has bettered is happening more and more. The universe is working, says Veni with a glowing look, and that’s what it is trying to do for others – and they live in abundance. Because he knows that not only one person is good and feel happy if everyone around him is not. He knows that mumbling causes more gaps, and gratitude attracts more abundance. If we can get out of that as if the negativism of the Bulgarian mentality with the initial “have no”, we will realize our full potential! Therefore, its long-term goal is to give, especially for causes related to children with talent, for whom it wants to make a foundation. In July he will return to Varna for a seminar on “How to find our blocks to attract abundance.” If you want an individual Theta Session, you can contact her at Messenger or her German number: +4917620572280

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