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I speak with the ethnographer Goran Stefanov of the Historical Museum – Malko Tarnovo about the meaning and symbolism of today’s celebration – Ignazhden. And we immediately make the reservation that it is not only a Christian holiday, and its roots go far in the past, crossing with Proto-Bulgarian, Slavic and Thracian manifestations, has traits even from orphism. The winter solstice that begins today is related to the birth of the Sunbomb. Today begins the five-day births of Virgin Mary, which in another aspect can be seen as the Mother Goddess, giving birth to her son – the new sun. With such reflections, we start the Goro theme, but let’s first recall the main facts about December 20th.

“Ignatius is the day that connects not so much with Ignatios the Bogonosets, but rather with the new birth and the new beginning, the trust with him is mainly connected with the fire, and today we have to keep from the fire, and if he is not honored , a kind will not go away.It is important that fire is not to be exported from the house and this fire is encoded by the Kolerad Bouynek – a specific dance-song that is played by the Christmas Eve and is a kind of initiation.In folk beliefs, that if a young boy was not a soldier, he could not marry, that’s a kind of boyhood rite th. ”

What else is encoded today? Apart from being associated with the Virgin Mary and the new birth and the new beginning, the collectors gather before they begin to walk the houses until the morning of Christmas Eve. These are 5 days to Christmas and 5 are sacral digits in Bulgarian folklore. It can be read in several ways – like the 4 directions of the world with the center they wear. Accordingly, 5 – can be interpreted in relation to Hermes Trismegist who writes Emerald Stripes and is one of the greatest sorcerers of antiquity.

The 5th tone in the ladder – “salt” is also related to the fire in the Chinese musical structure, just with “salt” begins and booming of our Christmas!

The first person who came into your house today is called “polaznik” and the people who come to our home, depending on whether they are good or not, determine what our next year will be. This day does not go unnoticed, because it is not known how lucky he is to others. The number 5 has such a symbol of uncertainty. That is, we give the direction in which “the scales will be inclined” – to the good or bad manifestation in life.

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