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New eco company in Varna

Dea/ November 6, 2019/ Miscellaneous/ 0 comments

To buy a book for BGN 1 and make a contribution to nature conservation – this is the proposal of the Public Center for Environment and Sustainable Development (OCOSUR) in Varna with their new action: “Return the bottle – get your book!” increases as our consumption increases, and the points of purchase of raw materials have disappeared. Maybe it’s time

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The reed boat embarks on its historic journey

Dea/ August 16, 2019/ Journeys/ 0 comments

The reed boat, which began construction on May 5 near Varna, is now ready to go. After being put on the water on August 1st, the crew had little time to make test sails – in Varna Lake and in the bay. The difficulties they faced in the practical part were the differences from the training model that the team

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Gong concert under the stars

Dea/ July 17, 2019/ Miscellaneous/ 0 comments

This evening / 17.07.2019 / in the Roman Temple décor in Varna, we will hear the healing sounds and vibrations of the Holy Instruments. Join this experience! Let’s be – = TOGETHER = – Walking on the ancient ruins of the ancient Odessos; on the spot, bringing together different ethnicities and cultures – Hellenes, Thracians, Lesser Asians, Romans and many

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To Survive in Bulgaria

Dea/ June 1, 2019/ Journeys/ 0 comments

I think this is the most suitable slogan for tourist advertising of our country. All other myths and legends – that we are hospitable and go directly to the “round folder” / understand the trash bin / only when a foreigner gets into our city transport and collapses with the notorious “hospitality” and intelligence of the Tandem Conductor / Driver!

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