Blocked chakras

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What do yoga practices do to our body ?!

They raise it, that’s right. But also something more. Over the years, the body loses its flexibility and to train to stay young in us, it is good to be regular. You will feel the stretching everywhere while doing the exercises and do not force your body – who can. Next time – more! Let the loads be increased a little. But here’s a little more than the hidden benefits of asanas – they regulate the harmonization of our chakras to keep us in balance. What do I mean ?!

Well, for example, the I chakra is connected to the earth. With survival. And if there is an imbalance, fear arises here.

II chakra is associated with pleasure and the element of water. If you have a blockage there and the energy does not flow freely, the feeling of guilt appears. Which is one of the lowest vibrations. By „pleasure“ here is not meant only the sexual, although the second chakra is the main one. If for some reason we do not spend the excess energy in the trivial way, then we can invest it in creativity. It is very balancing!

The III chakra is related to the will and the element of fire, because without this element, nothing can be driven to happen materially. And accordingly, if there is a problem, shame appears.

IV chakra is related to love, which is very important for us and again if it is missing there is a problem. Grief arises. The heart begins to suffer and, accordingly, high blood pressure, jealousy and others appear. blocking feelings that prevent us from communicating with each other with love. The unconditional one!

The V chakra, better known as the „throat“, is related to sound. And with the truth. And if there is a blockage there, lies are heard.

VI chakra is related to our light and insight. Let’s see clearly – for this we need to shed light on problems and problematic situations. If something is wrong, then we are subject to illusions. Familiar, isn’t it ?! We have all succumbed to them, tempted to believe in change in our favor. Sometime. But that means living in delusion! Can we afford it ?! Well, no, of course not, but in fear we pay with our time and energy. That is, it is even more expensive.

VII chakra is the mental. It is related to cosmic energy, and when we are in balance, our body receives and retransmits the signal like a battery, transmitting it to every atom in us. However, when we have mental pollution, then the negative manifestation of the disharmonious work of this chakra is expressed in earthly attachments.
And finally, let’s remember that what yoga does is accelerate our personal evolution.

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