I live on the sea and think like Hemingway. I drive a bike instead of a car and I love nature – to enjoy it. It is perfect without our intervention, and where necessary, let it be for its improvement – I think so. I love to travel because I am “expanding” then. My senses are exacerbated, and my encounters with people and situations are not accidental … I love to read and experience. Sometimes I travel so! Through the others and their stories. Because we are all connected in one way or another, and foreign emotions are often ours. Enjoy life together on our journey – it’s variegated!

Without hesitation, you can write to me about questions and ideas related to a place or event – I will cooperate with whatever I can. And why not take you personally. For me every meeting is a gift, an experience, and the friends earned by working commitments are really priceless!
I’m available – Dea