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One of the most useful foods this season is quince and please do not neglect it because of its astringent taste. However, if you do not like its fresh consumption, there is an option to consume it as an interesting Bulgarian dessert – baked. But where does quince come from? It was brought to Europe from Asia and quickly and

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By bike in the city? Why not!

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For some / I’m referring to like-minded people / the bike is not just a thing, but a way of life. The freedom it gives is irreplaceable. Add to that the fact that in Varna getting around by bike is fast and easy – both along the busy boulevards and by the sea, the advantages are indisputable. By bike in

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House in the woods

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With the outbreak of spring, the house tucked away in the woods seemed to become even more secret … And difficult to find. We hadn’t been there for a long time and I was wondering if the key to the front door was still in the same place? Would we be able to get into it and would everything look

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Aral Sea

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The fourth largest lake in the world is disappearing before our indifferent eyes and we continue to watch this eco-catastrophe indifferently. Are we really so stupid and irresponsible as to allow it ?! Obviously yes. What are the facts? A record five-fold reduction in the volume of the stagnant lake – from 66 thousand square kilometers / which is the

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How to change your life in a year?

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Is a year a lot or a little? Depends on what, right? It is not a small time when we can change our habits so that we can improve our lives, and it is nothing compared to the rest of our lives to live happily. But what hinders us and what steps can we take to achieve it? First of

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Tips for fall

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How to bring health and happiness in this gloomy season? You are probably wondering this, especially after the end of summer – our favorite holiday period of the year. Of course there is a way! Each time hides its positives and if we are aware of not losing shape, we can maintain it by simple means. With them we will

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New energy pictures

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Hello friends! I dare to call you that because of the kind words with which you return my good wishes to you and because I feel close to you. Once you’re on this page, it’s hardly a coincidence, we’re probably on the same page! That is why I greet you and wish you success in each of your endeavors! We

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Next to the lake

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Hello friends of Dea’s Journey! Today I will show you my new healing picture. It is painted with oil and measures 35/51 cm. It is part of the garden of a palace castle, where in the solitude of the quiet lake everyone can be transported to where his heart takes him. First we fall silent in this space and let

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Australian flower essences

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Since I already have some experience with them, I can without exaggeration call them one of the wonders of nature. Because what they do – the wild flowers of Australia, belongs to the so-called “vibration treatment”. That is, the vibration of the flower transmits the impulse embedded in it to the one who drinks it. It is drunk as a

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Easter traditions

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Did you know that at Corfu Easter, you get broken? Such is the ancient island tradition. The symbol of this action is to end with the old, whatever it is in the negative – on the one hand, on the other – that the broken is lucky. Also, people there believe that this is how they correct their mistakes from

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