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While for us May 1st is Labor Day, for the Celts, it is a celebration of the Light called Belten. Once they have passed through our territory, although historical evidence says they have been in a while. 70th / This is a little illuminated part of our past, because their presence has left no lasting traces, except for coins discovered here or there, or iron belts from belts. But let us return to the Celtic celebration of the Light of Belthen and its manifestation today. A few days ago, Easter celebrations showed us part of their rituals and games in the Celtic house in the village of Sakartzi nestled in the Sakar Mountain. Guests first offer “magic sugar” that stains the tongue in bloody red color, as if eating a bison. They think that this ritual has another impact – to get you into their era, to blend in with their teasing and winking at the world. The next ritual is related to divination – a raw egg does a good man test. If he stands only upright, with the sharp top up on your hand – between the second and third finger, then you pass the test! It’s fun and makes the band watch every strain of tension. Even a young man of ours suddenly got up to the toilet when his order came because he was not quite sure of the result / before he had been arrested for disobedience … / The table served deliciously seasoned potatoes and bought us a strong alcoholic drink, made on a secret recipe – poured with a ladle from the bowl after two Celtic phrases are spoken, which are said to be by one person. There are several games in the yard, but before that, the animator host records the names all in order. These names are in a certain order of numbers and when we throw darts darts out, the first two attempts are trial and the third is decisive! The number you hit is checked in the list of what your name matches and your soul mate! There is a hug and a remembrance … Water and fire have a magical effect on groups of people, and even the Celts knew it! Therefore, the next ritual game is about a menace with water placed on a table, and we in a circle around them. Everyone in the group has the right to call something nice to someone by spraying it in his face and then going round a circle three times with what steps he has decided. I will not tell you what splashing, laughter and water slide … The other game is called the “lazy rod” and they put a kitenik on the ground (in a dry area), two people sitting up against each other, their feet touching. Pull the stick while someone raises the other from the ground and then wins the round! Watch the crosses, this game does not spare them. The last game was like a beautiful chord of everything described above that we experienced within a few hours – three candles (colorful) telling you what you are about to do. The candlestick is triple, in the middle is red and it is a symbol of passion and love of course. The blue – the travels, while the green – the money! Most of the band attracted the energy of money, a long harmonious couple gave them love, and of course I started on more trips! but for them … the other way! Let Belten be happy – in the souls and everywhere around you let it be Light!

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