Summary instead of a book?

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A new niche market fills up the electronic books industry and it’s a summary if you have no time / strength / capacity / willingness to take time for the whole book. What do you think?
“Instead of reading a book for 10 hours, you can save yourself a lot of time by taking the most important information out of the book, even if the book does not make much use of you, you will have invested 30 minutes rather than 10 hours, to understand this, “explains his philosophy Svetoslav Todorov, who is the founder of the project.
The start was given in the summer of last year with abstracts of 30 books on business themes and personal growth. Now 82 subscriptions and sales are available and the goal is to upgrade by a dozen new per month. There will also be free abstracts, the idea being that every 10 new books the abstract for one is available to every visitor on the site.
On which books summaries are made, four people decide on the foreign rankings. Books are bought electronically by Amazon. Two read the original editions and draw the summaries, and the professional speaks them about the audiovarian

“Each summary contains general information about the book and the author, as well as synthesized information from the main topic, and the aim is that much of the important information will have it to be useful,” explains Svetoslav.

Their initial investment is 6000 leva own funds – for the purchase of books, fees and advertising. The monthly subscription for the site is BGN 20 and the annual fee is BGN 120. “For now we have 68 subscribers – mainly business managers, business people who want to learn the most important thing for a short time We have not yet begun to win, but we hope for a few months, “says Svetoslav Todorov.
The abstract is not a substitute for the original book. It just saves time. The team is oriented towards young people who are reading less and more using mobile applications on smart phones. They also prepare animated variants to visualize free ad sessions. They have the ambition to set foot on the Romanian market, and then on the Greek market.

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