Easter traditions

Dea/ April 16, 2020/ Journeys/ 0 comments

Did you know that at Corfu Easter, you get broken? Such is the ancient island tradition. The symbol of this action is to end with the old, whatever it is in the negative – on the one hand, on the other – that the broken is lucky. Also, people there believe that this is how they correct their mistakes from

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The puzzle in Dobarsko

Dea/ April 6, 2020/ Journeys/ 0 comments

If you haven’t seen it, do it as soon as possible – the church in the Pirin village of Dobarsko will leave you thinking. It is located in western Bulgaria, 17 km from Bansko, in the direction of Greece. I wonder who are the great masters – old dulgers or those wall painters who painted all the scenes in the

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This is a tribe that lives on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. It’s hard to get there. It will be even harder for you to leave! It’s like touching antiquity. But to drive in a row … Kafiristan. In the Horde language, this means “the land of unbelievers.” People call it Kalashi. It is a tribe that has crossed

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Plans for Sunday?

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Hello friends! I’ve been a little lost lately, embroiled in other “more important” engagements, but here I am again. And immediately I make a suggestion to a friend of mine that I cannot participate in this time, but I recommend it if you are near our southern Black Sea coast. More specifically Primorsko. Andrei lives in Burgas, but together with

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The Canyon of the Chernelka River

Dea/ February 4, 2020/ Journeys/ 0 comments

The Unknown Bulgaria. I must call this a series of publications, because really how many places in our country do we know? And even to those of us we have too little knowledge. I think how quickly we got to the MOL culture and how scarce the natural nature around us became. And it is the one that restores us

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The three kai – with plates!

Dea/ October 18, 2019/ Journeys/ 0 comments

There are already signs for the Three Kai! Tourists from the Varna Hiking Society “New Horizons” – Varna marked the beautiful “Three Kai” route. Its beginning is located about 100 km from the city of Varna, starting point the central square of the village of Bilka. From there, head straight up the black goat road. Those who have been prepared

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The rest of the Romans

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Do we know today how to rest? Oh yes. We have the self-confidence of the modern generation, who knows best from all the previous ones how to relax. But not really we invented the warm water / that even the cold … /, and their alternation most skillfully used … the Romans! In their city baths centuries ago, the best

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When salt weighed more than gold

Dea/ September 24, 2019/ Journeys/ 0 comments

Once upon a time, seven thousand years ago, Provadia / a town in northeastern Bulgaria / was the oldest salt extraction center in Europe. It is ironic that today this resource / still in stock / is not used for salt production! In fact, the raw material is used, but for the production of soda from another factory in the

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Last care

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I had a special trip that overturned many of my ideas about life. It happened in the summer of 2003, but has a history of a few months earlier. Phones weren’t that smart and popular back then, but ways to connect more publicly. There was a series of phonecards and one of them / which was “Monasteries”, but then I

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111 years of the Cossack

Dea/ August 20, 2019/ Journeys/ 0 comments

111 years ago Don Cossacks stopped on the shore of Lake Varna and created their own village. They are expelled from their country for political reasons, excommunicated, and forced to seek a new home away from home. They keep the old faith (that’s why they call them Old Believers or Lipovans), and their second nickname comes from the fact that

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