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One of the most useful foods this season is quince and please do not neglect it because of its astringent taste. However, if you do not like its fresh consumption, there is an option to consume it as an interesting Bulgarian dessert – baked. But where does quince come from? It was brought to Europe from Asia and quickly and

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By bike in the city? Why not!

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For some / I’m referring to like-minded people / the bike is not just a thing, but a way of life. The freedom it gives is irreplaceable. Add to that the fact that in Varna getting around by bike is fast and easy – both along the busy boulevards and by the sea, the advantages are indisputable. By bike in

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Aral Sea

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The fourth largest lake in the world is disappearing before our indifferent eyes and we continue to watch this eco-catastrophe indifferently. Are we really so stupid and irresponsible as to allow it ?! Obviously yes. What are the facts? A record five-fold reduction in the volume of the stagnant lake – from 66 thousand square kilometers / which is the

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Tips for fall

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How to bring health and happiness in this gloomy season? You are probably wondering this, especially after the end of summer – our favorite holiday period of the year. Of course there is a way! Each time hides its positives and if we are aware of not losing shape, we can maintain it by simple means. With them we will

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Far Japan is as exotic as it is unfamiliar, despite today’s global world. Now we will remind you some facts of their culture and traditions that you may not know. And since today is Friday the 13th, two of them sound even more up-to-date, given the current world situation. This is regarded as absolutely uneducated.Automatic items have taken over their

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Is garbage the fuel of the future?

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And what are the implications of this for nature and us – with this question started the Sixth National Conference on Democracy in Varna, organized by the OCOSUR eco association and funded under the Norwegian Active Citizenship Program. What happens to the Italian garbage after it became clear that the freight traffic of the Port of Varna is mainly waste

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New eco company in Varna

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To buy a book for BGN 1 and make a contribution to nature conservation – this is the proposal of the Public Center for Environment and Sustainable Development (OCOSUR) in Varna with their new action: “Return the bottle – get your book!” increases as our consumption increases, and the points of purchase of raw materials have disappeared. Maybe it’s time

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Thomas Cook – the father of organized tourism

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Behind Thomas Cook’s big dream was a great ideal: he believed that the journey in man is the easiest and fastest transformation to that, he is his best version! How does it all start? Well with an offer – to the railroads who could lower ticket prices with full occupancy of seats. Seeing this market niche, after watching what’s happening

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Time for Rila?

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It is already August, and many Bulgarians – from the country and scattered around the world, as well as foreigners, are heading specifically to one of the most sacred places on the planet – our Rila Mountain. I remember every time she gave me something – strengths, ideas, meaning to go on. Every time. That’s why I promised myself every

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