Gong concert under the stars

Dea/ July 17, 2019/ Miscellaneous/ 0 comments

This evening / 17.07.2019 / in the Roman Temple décor in Varna, we will hear the healing sounds and vibrations of the Holy Instruments. Join this experience! Let’s be – = TOGETHER = – Walking on the ancient ruins of the ancient Odessos; on the spot, bringing together different ethnicities and cultures – Hellenes, Thracians, Lesser Asians, Romans and many

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Hello cuties!

Dea/ June 21, 2019/ Miscellaneous/ 0 comments

I know you are such as you read this. And I want to wish you an unforgettable summer, in which you are above all yourself, to do what your soul wants, not what you are expecting by default to become your best version. The one who will smile and attract more people! Today is the day of the summer solstice

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Gong concert at the Palace

Dea/ June 12, 2019/ Miscellaneous/ 0 comments

The Palace of Queen Maria in Balchik will become a scene of an outdoor gong concert to awaken the ancient power of Bulgaria. It is made by five enthusiasts, yoga instructors and other spiritual practices – Merry, Nelly, Daniela, Yassen and Joanna. For the summer solstice night this year they will join forces to increase the beneficial effect on people.

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The wild Sakar

Dea/ May 18, 2019/ Miscellaneous/ 0 comments

Sometimes we look for the truth too far from us, and no need. Why do so many people head to spiritual tourism or a pilgrimage trip if you call it Bali or Kamino ?! Because myths already exist that in this mystical experience you find yourself. The truth is you can only hear yourself in silence, and it does not

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Traveling through time

Dea/ April 3, 2019/ Miscellaneous/ 0 comments

And professions are not what they were! Personally, I regret that one of the most interesting trades of the past – a traveler is no longer there! It’s so exciting to find yourself in places that you are still familiar with, with people of different manners and traditions, for which the meeting with you is no less revelation, and this

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Shared garden in Sofia

Dea/ April 1, 2019/ Miscellaneous/ 99 comments

The urban vegetable garden, which is shared between people in urbanized Sofia, is already a fact. After a year and a half of hard work, the Garden of Goritsa appeared between the blocks. With the labor of 17 people who rented 11 sq. M. for the purpose. By the way, there are three more free places, so if you like

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Guest Houses near Historical Park

Dea/ March 19, 2019/ Miscellaneous/ 0 comments

The Historical Park near Varna – in the village of Neofit Rilski / approx. 40 km from Varna / will be open to visitors at the end of June. But if you have a way around and are curious about how it is going, you can do it, even if you decide to “dive” in the past. It is possible

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Researchers are looking for a mysterious icon

Dea/ February 23, 2019/ Miscellaneous/ 0 comments

Have you gone to the monastery of the two brothers of Saint Cosmas and Damian to the village of Kuklen, in the Rhodope Mountains? The place is special – with the power fueled for centuries there. Nature has taken care to provide healing ice-cold water that calms the nerves of the sick people who went there to visit the first

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Just a story!

Dea/ February 13, 2019/ Miscellaneous/ 0 comments

Last night I told a story of new friends with whom we went to eat after a business event. I had not thought about her for a long time, it happened years ago. I do not tell her often. But I thought how destiny chooses us to become witnesses or participants in one or another and how our actions solve

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The Wisdom of a Child

Dea/ February 13, 2019/ Miscellaneous/ 0 comments

Lately, some of my most interesting conversations are with Bobby. He soon became 9, but he has the wisdom of 90 years. Child is my close friend. I love them both! So, I had to take it from school today (which happens to me for the first time) at the request of his mother. And shortly after we passed the

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