111 years of the Cossack

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111 years ago Don Cossacks stopped on the shore of Lake Varna and created their own village. They are expelled from their country for political reasons, excommunicated, and forced to seek a new home away from home. They keep the old faith (that’s why they call them Old Believers or Lipovans), and their second nickname comes from the fact that the church still keeps 300 years of icons with which they arrived in Bulgaria. They were made on a linden tree. Colorful Russians are a closed community in terms of traditions, customs and mixed marriages. Extremely hospitable, ready to make a big holiday literally out of nowhere, just in a good mood, very positive, there is something in their ordinances that calls us “painting” people and their homes. And so it happened on their holiday yesterday, when the songs and dances continued for hours, until late. And their guests from Romania, Ukraine and Russia will long remember the warm welcome, applause and smiles of the audience.

Many Romanians of Russian descent visited and sang at the Kazashko feast. This teenage group with a great future are also descendants of Cossacks displaced around the world.

Here are the other participants:

The village of Kazashko is the smallest of the villages in Varna and is located about ten km away from the city, on the shore of Lake Varna

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