Finding India

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For some India, it is a mystique, a magic, a distant dream. Such was Galya Raicheva from Varna, who for many years felt remotely connected with the spirit, her mantras sounded constantly in the house and the walls were covered with posters, drawings, pictures and souvenirs of deities and people – all connected to the visible and the invisible world of subtle vibrations. Has she ever imagined that she would actually go there? Dreams always come true when they are strong! And here a string of strange circumstances, some of which are related to material insecurity, loss of work and a series of disappointments from Bulgarian employers, lead her to her way-the wretched India. Today, in the 21st century, everything is easy and at arm’s length, as long as you want it. And so with a ticket and a visa, a few directions from friends who have already gone there, she leaves – alone. Because everybody walks it alone.

There he spends 20 days in ashram – singing mantras, bathing in the ganges, practicing several hours of karma yoga, climbing the little Kailash and having a great contemplation in the silence of your cosmos. Now, despite the height of the summer, Varna seems to be empty compared to overcrowded India and all that’s out there – scents, noises, colors …

“To calm down the thoughts … every morning, in the 5th most cunning servant in the temple-full-bodied and full of long white-haired, hairy beards and beards and tiny fluffy bare feet, wearing orange slaves completely immersed in the Spirit, puts on our foreheads this orange paste it and seal it with a red dot and three chunks called the chandan, which really soothes your thoughts and brings you coolness, “Galya says.

What she has just experienced is her secret. But from there it comes back visibly different and confirms what India is for most people – magic. A place where you can find yourself through profound transformation. It is said that the vibration of this country is very fine and that’s why the process is going on there slightly. As far as possible, for the deep processes … People are often returning like reborn. And this is visible on their faces.

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