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Again, the question is, “Where are we?” to the world, how people in Bulgaria perceive their lives – as good or not quite, but in a word – are they happy? Well, not very … shows the recently made World Happiness Report 2019, according to which we / Bulgarians / are 97th in the world. The good news is we are not last! 97 out of 156 positions, even in the middle, to tell you! Only where we are last of all EU members. Before us are Cameroon, and after us – Ghana – if it is soothing at all. The evaluation criteria are: life expectancy, social support, corruption, and others.

And if you ask who they are at the top of the leaderboard, I will tell you: Finland. Denmark, Norway, Iceland and the Netherlands immediately followed. Do you notice the trend? Climate-free countries, but stacked. And people who appreciate even the few received sun rays, or the warmth of the sauna in your home, which they accept with gratitude! Do you feel the difference?

Well, let’s see what we have in the top 10 – Switzerland, Sweden, New Zealand, Canada and Austria. Extremely “stacked” and settled countries in which rulers think of the ordinary man – to feel good and to develop if he so desires. And have the minimum necessary to avoid thinking about a boycott of the government, protests or whatever other negative forms of public discontent are. The latest in the list is the Central African Republic and Afghanistan, and the final point is South Sudan.

What is the conclusion of this? Well, let’s travel – to those countries at the top of the rankings and watch carefully what they do, they are so happy, what gives them pleasure in life, and what we lack in us to apply it to our lifestyle. Let’s travel as much as we need, but in the end we will be like them. What do you think?

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  1. See the top 18 countries in the World Happiness Report. See the top 18 countries in the World Happiness … Ireland moves up one place on the happiness list in 2018.

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