Old Nessebar

Dea/ October 30, 2018/ Journeys/ 0 comments

The old town of Nessebar is beautiful and when it is particularly lonely – without the noisy tourists in its streets and a glimpse that mixes the sounds of glarus, sea waves and paparazzi from all over the world. Even so – without the crowd, the place seems more real. As it ever was. Although there is nothing more beautiful than the summer moments by the sea right there!

In the 5th century it was the Metropolis of Nessebar / Mesembria. There was no fewer people in this square than this summer, but the decor was somewhat different … the square code for the square – too. Personally, this is my favorite place! I love this city, before the asphalting of its streets under Europroject, when the cobblestone filled the small spaces of the peninsula between the churches and gave that authenticity as soon as a carriage passes, which only calls the horse’s trotting leaves. Mystic is how even this alone can carry you over time.

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