Since when is the sea connection with Egypt?

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Adventurers from different countries and with different professions are on their way to demonstrate that this has been more in prehistory

Rock drawings from Egypt and Mesopotamia suggest what the model of reed rafts from ancient times was. These drawings “come to life” today in a real boat with the help of two Indians of Bolivia (from the Aimara). They arrived in our country because their community is the only one nowadays who knows how to make a similar construction to withstand the storms on the high seas. The scaffolding was built on the territory of the Glassworks Factory in Beloslav, near the Ferryboat. By the end of July, the 14-meter boat should be fully ready for the long sea voyage to … the past. Because there are unlit facts from the history of mankind, which do not give peace neither to scholars nor to enthusiasts. And they, together, will probably find things that may even rewrite the world’s history … But what makes us aware of the facts we know so far? Several things: why on the Bulgarian lands (in some places) is there among the artifacts a souvenir symbol-scarab, provided it does not belong to our culture, but to the Egyptian ?! And in the sarcophagus of Ramesses II there are cocaine and tobacco (transported from South America). These facts suggest that transport links in ancient times were not to be underestimated and whether for trade or otherwise, people from different nations & nbsp; the world has been communicating and exchanging things long before the time of the Great Geographical Discoveries and the creation of accurate maps. It is precisely this hypothesis to try to prove an international team with German coordination in the 4th Abora expedition, continuing the search of the Norwegian anthropologist Tour Heyderdal. In fact, this year marks 50 years of his PA-2 expedition when he made such a sailing again with such a boat. By the way, it was built by the grandfather and father of the current Bolivian masters. Fermin Limacci and his son Durrie live on the shore of Lake Titicaca. For them it will be a third expedition with Dominic / the captain and this one.

Dr Dominik Giorlits is in front of all

In 2002, they left Alexandria (Egypt), passed through Lebanon and Cyprus and returned to their starting point in Alexandria, making a 70-day sailing in the Mediterranean. Then, in 2007 & nbsp; also made Abora 3 by building the boat of Titicaca with his family, transporting it to New York and crossing the Atlantic Ocean to the coast of Spain. This “test” gives the current participants the courage to join this year’s venture
“Now this is our third expedition with Dominic,” says Fermin. We will build this boat for two months, then we will go from here to the Black Sea, cross the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles and reach Cyprus. “In his view, this is a way of proving contacts between different civilizations through the seas. “We believe that this type of boat was a means of transport in antiquity. I do not use technical plans to build the boat, it’s all in my head! The measures are “on hand”, it is a matter of knowledge and feelings, if there is something I can improve in the construction, I will do it! “

Proving this thesis would be of interest to all Balkan countries. The German sailor Dominic Görlitz / the captain of the ship and the head of the construction at the moment of the reed vessel, has the ambition to prove that in Pontiac and Danube communities, in the prehistoric times, they have had sea contacts with the peoples of the Mediterranean. By the way, one of the finds from the Varna Chalcolithic Necropolis – / the gold plate / has the assumption that a similar reed vessel is depicted on it …
About Theodor Rocov, an archaeologist from RIM – Varna and a participant in the Abora 4 expedition, this is his second such expedition. His first sailing was with Ukrainians, where mentality and tongue are close, now crew of 12 people are extremely colorful – Germans, American, Turk, Greek, Bolivians. The little space will share in shifts – or two by 6 people, or 3 by 4 people. So while some take the watch, others will probably sleep. In order to succeed in time, the construction of the boat will be helped by graduates from the Military and Maritime Academy in Varna. They are hoping the construction will be completed by mid-July, be put on the water, and by the end of July the tests can be done and left on time. Not for nothing but because the Black Sea in the beginning of August sharply changes the climate – winds, waves … separately in the Aegean Sea during this period the currents change, so they will try to catch a relatively good period. The route is: Varna-Istanbul-Chanakkale-Dardanelite-Crete. But whether to Crete through Piraeus or the Aegean Islands is not yet determined and depends on where the Greek and Turkish participants will take.

Quite boldly – not everyone would go to such a vessel, which seems at least seemingly unstable, but it turns out that reed is a material that is extremely resistant to any conditions and makes it much more stable than modern plastic hulls, who are aged by the sun and the cold. Last year, such a ship, built again by the same Bolivians, crossed from New York to the Azores through the ocean and remained stable on all storms and currents. The design at first glance is very fragile, but when these bundles are assembled, they are extremely robust to punches and breakthroughs, although they look primitive. The reed itself takes 1 cm. Water per day and adds extra weight to the hull, making it naturally stable, not overturned by large waves. The simplest thing is the best, in fact, concludes Theodor Rocov.

Teodor Rocov

The funding of the expedition is from private sponsors. The reed was transported by containers directly from Bolivia / South America. It should be fresh but well dried, because then its interior becomes porous, like a sponge and becomes very plastic without breaking. The local reed, which is in the Lake of Varna, was another species and is not suitable for the purpose
The selection for the international team is somewhat traditional and repeats the idea half a century ago of Tour Heydar’s RA-2 expedition in 1969. This year will be 50 years since then, the idea to repeat somewhat and to have representatives from the states in which passes the route. Another interesting fact that is repeated is that Father and Father Fermin have been involved in making PA-2, so that is, it can be said, a family tradition. The other purpose is – sailing for peace, and that people from different countries who compete and argue with one another can work together without conflict. All participants have different professions – a former military, policeman, artist, musician, banker, fire brigade / chief of the New Jersey Fire Department /, electrician, archeologists – the Turkish representative participates in the excavations of Troy.

Dr. Dominique Gyrolitz is the captain. He is from Germany and is very keen on the subject. He gathered the team to meet in the autumn of the year when they passed a 20-day training camp in Germany. The voyage was due to start from Russia, but due to the complicated situation in the Black Sea and the sanctions of the world towards Russia, the departure changed to Varna. The crew also has one extremely interesting person – the captain of the New Jersey fire command, who was a support team to his colleagues from New York during the September 11th bombing. He does not like to talk about it, because it is a traumatic memory for the Americans. He himself, with a smile, told us that he was not quite clear why he had taken him to the team after he had no great experience in the sea, but it is clear to us why – this hearty man always ready to help has the skills to save others if necessary and is a surviving species.
But the most important part of a successful expedition is the psychological bond between the people on the deck, the participants know it and hope everything passes interesting and beneficial as a result.

Did Herodotus be right in his statement that the materials for the construction of the pyramids in Egypt came by sea from today’s Bulgarian lands? Half a century ago, Tour Heyderdal crossed the Pacific Ocean with a wooden boat and primitive means to prove that the transition had been possible in ancient times, and Polynesia was probably inhabited by the Incas of South America rather than by the Asians, as claimed now.

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