The Albanian Alps

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So we entered Albania – with a whirlwind, by water, for three hours among the terrestrial beauties, until we reached the ground. The mountainous land, part of the Alps, to which her curse is called? /! / Greeted us in this way. In the following days, the same thing was repeated – and always to the max. The sun was fierce, the wind if it was hot, the water from the rivers ice-cold and does not allow you to swim in it, even standing for two minutes because of the high temperature amplitude. And so it was in winter, they tell us. And when more snow falls, it blocks the roads indefinitely. That’s why they probably call it the Albanian Alps …

The wind only ignites the fire even more

But when you are aboard a ship and the beautiful views alternate, this is no problem

A purely geographical guide told us that the most snow falls here all over Europe and lasts the longest. And when it begins to melt, huge rivers from high go, sweeping everything in its path and taking stones down. By that time they are gradually grinding and in the summer it looks like a rocky field, in the spring rivers are formed, which you have to walk around a lot … The harsh nature, this explains why our ideas about the people there are raw. But I didn’t really see that, we have a lot of clichés over them. Before I went there, my friends warned me that I could not walk the way we dress in Bulgaria, how almost someone would steal me from the road, how the father-in-law in their tradition did not know what, but all these are prejudices! I met in Albania a smiling and hardworking people, ready to welcome guests from all over the world. Which is actually happening – thousands are probably already coming to the new mountain destination – from Germany and the Czech Republic we met many groups and individuals, really many. There were three French with us, in the Valbonne valley we met another French group led by a Kosovar with wonderful French! There are no hotels in the mountainous parts, but they are already under construction. And soon everything will change. Roads are also being made. There are also washers and dryers in the guest houses, which worked around the clock to keep tourists fresh the next day.

Tet, Albania

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