The Canyon of the Chernelka River

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The Unknown Bulgaria. I must call this a series of publications, because really how many places in our country do we know? And even to those of us we have too little knowledge. I think how quickly we got to the MOL culture and how scarce the natural nature around us became. And it is the one that restores us and inspires us with new strength – to fight hardships, to persevere when something does not happen exactly as we wanted and to try again and again until we reach the desired result. But to overcome stress and overcome some of our internal fears, it sometimes takes a little. And another time – a gradual increase in hiking difficulties. With these considerations in mind, I can recommend the Canyon River Canyon near Pleven with two hands. He is just such an example – it is not difficult as a transition, but as a result … I hope you will then share your opinion as mine is! But to drive in order: First – how to find it? About 15 km from Pleven, with two or three opportunities to get into the canyon. We did it from the village of Krakozhabene. There are signboards from it, which when you pass it, you will fall where you need it! For some it is “off the matrix” Because the place is a path cut into the rock, which water has paved with much persistence in recent eras. Today, we have contributed to it by having an eco-trail with 22 river bridges and numerous picnic areas and sheds. Different companies can reside even at the same time without interruption! At the moment everything is idyllic calm and naturally beautiful, but the name of the river, which is a tributary of the Vit and flows into it, comes from its violent temper. It is now waterless everywhere, but in principle when it is snowing or heavy rainfall it quickly rises and does not know the obstacles in its path. That is, he has a habit of sweeping everything, so we probably haven’t seen any of the buildings we don’t normally miss in beautiful places. The route is easy and pleasant, with many landscaping views along the way. A bonus to us and a reverence for nature is that there is no scope … There is history, there is also nature – the best combination! There is also a hut in the middle of the eco-road, which its owner lays down for tourists. You will not be bored for sure, on warmer days and you can stay in a tent, but keep in mind that this is still the natural environment of several species of animals. If you are ok with that, you will come back again sometime, I’m sure! Because Chernelka may be hospitable.

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