The rest of the Romans

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Do we know today how to rest? Oh yes. We have the self-confidence of the modern generation, who knows best from all the previous ones how to relax. But not really we invented the warm water / that even the cold … /, and their alternation most skillfully used … the Romans! In their city baths centuries ago, the best social contacts (not virtual like ours), controversies and political unions were successfully held just where the situation is more informal and this helps the mind to see things more clearly. And water (as well as fire) has the ability to equalize people’s energy levels, so it helps them understand each other more easily. These are techniques that many “spiritual gurus” of today already use to bring people totally different in one destination at the same time together without killing each other!
In Varna we have Roman terms as a tourist site, part of Rome – Varna and they are the fourth in the world in size and importance. The reason for the pride of the seaside town is undeniable. But the first spa in Europe the Romans made in the English city of Bath / as Bath / in 43 AD. The city is made entirely to their taste near three hot mineral springs with a temperature of 46.5 degrees, which spring from the bowels of the earth to a depth of nearly 3,000 m. Bath to become a famous place to restore health in ancient times. The Romans called the place Aqua Sulis – the name of the Celtic goddess-symbol of the main spring, with Sulis identifying with their Roman goddess Minerva. There were two buildings – apart from the baths and a temple where they only paid their respects and did not swim or respect.

After the Romans withdrew from there, the temple was demolished underground, but again on the holy spring in the 12th century they built royal baths, later because of the popularity of useful water they also built fountains / in the 18th century / because the heat water was already used for drinking purposes.

Because of the iron in the mineral water, it colored the stones with an orange tint, but it also gives us where the pool was once full. Today, the water level is maintained in the same way that tourists can imagine the scale and swing of the ancient Romans more vividly. Two swimming pools, with stone benches in them, to make it convenient for visitors to stay immersed in the neck of hot water delivered there from the source by a lead pipe. Mosaic wall decorations made people sink into the splendor of the era. Some of them can still be seen on the spot, as well as the artifacts found. At the entrance and exit of the bathrooms, for a healthier visitor made sharp dives into the cold pool. So … Cold days are coming and the time is changing for viruses to thrive. If you want to be healthy, follow the example of the Romans, who definitely knew how to regain their strength, maintain their health, and heal their traumas from the hard battles of conquest. So do you – put a seaweed in a spa near you, if you can’t jump to Bath right now, where in the neighborhood of a tourist site for 30 euros you can still feel like a Roman winner today after a battle.

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