Ara Malikian will play in Varna

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Eccentric violinist Ara Malikiyan comes to Bulgaria to close “Varna Summer”

The spectacular, long-awaited concert will be on November 2 in the Palace of Culture and Sports – Varna.

Ara Malikiyan and his provocative style on stage are one of the exciting experiences for the audience in Varna in the autumn.

The musician plays at an early age. The Lebanese of Armenian origin and the Spanish passport is a favorite of musicians from all over the world, regardless of age. “The incredible story of a violin” is an emotional and personal musical tale inspired by the vast world of Paganini, who will lead the audience in musical eras and genres all the way to rock and pop music. This is 25 consecutive albums for Ara Malikiyan.

The Mega Concert is the first tour of Ara Malikian in Varna and is organized at the invitation of the Municipality of Varna and AGBU / The Armenian Charity Union Parekordzagan /.

Malikian’s Gastro is the final touch of a series of diverse and high-class events that began in the days of the Varna Summer Summer International Festival with the performance of Lisa Gerard and the Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices.

The festival inspired admirers of cross-over projects – such as the world premiere of “Concerto Grosso”, created by Antoni Donchev especially for the festival, and reached the baroque cycle with the most sought-after groups from Germany and Italy and the most sought after Bulgarians baroque interpreters.

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