By bike in the city? Why not!

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For some / I’m referring to like-minded people / the bike is not just a thing, but a way of life. The freedom it gives is irreplaceable. Add to that the fact that in Varna getting around by bike is fast and easy – both along the busy boulevards and by the sea, the advantages are indisputable. By bike in minutes we reach every point without thinking about parking, paid areas, etc. That is why Theodosi Byalkov’s initiative “Find the Wheel” is very timely. For all those who have not yet received / rediscovered this opportunity.

The only disadvantage of this idyll are the rainy days. But fortunately, in Varna they are relatively short and usually the rain clouds are “pushed” into the sea. That’s why I love my hometown. Here, unlike some terraced cities such as Veliko Tarnovo, e.g. we can ride wheels at will. And literally everywhere.

And for me, I already notice that the bike is becoming a fetish. Since I have a bicycle, I keep looking and buying T-shirts with wheels, tablecloths and cups with printed wheels stand out, etc. details that make me smile and add mood to any gloomy (like today) day.


The “Find the Wheel” competition is in 3 categories: children’s drawing, painting and photo. See more about it here:


Here are my variations with which I participate. PS: they were painted long before the competition was announced…





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