Gong concert under the stars

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This evening / 17.07.2019 / in the Roman Temple décor in Varna, we will hear the healing sounds and vibrations of the Holy Instruments. Join this experience! Let’s be – = TOGETHER = –

Walking on the ancient ruins of the ancient Odessos; on the spot, bringing together different ethnicities and cultures – Hellenes, Thracians, Lesser Asians, Romans and many others – different but living Together in consensus and agreement; using the magical power of the Full Moon in Capricorn – carrying the energy of deliverance from everything that does not do us, and giving transformation to new positive vibrations for our good!

Let’s dive into the magic of the Gongs and the magic of the place and the day, merging in a common prayer – for ourselves, for our relatives and for all people who want a better life for Bulgaria!
Gong and Ancient Sacred Tools have been used for millennia for meditation and healing. They create a range of sounds that restore normal vibration frequencies to diseased or non-harmonious parts of the body, mind, and soul.
The sounds generated by these instruments are a type of curative energy that treats stress, pain, depression, and most forms of illness.
The healing processes are accomplished by inducing brain waves to synchronize with the perfect resonance of the gong or other instrument. Unique tones create an exceptional state of deep meditation, creative thinking and intuitive messages.
The pure sound waves that come out of the Gong and the Ancient Sacred Instruments awaken our ability to hear beyond the hearing. We feel the sound of the instruments more than we hear it.
This is the work of the first gong formation in Bulgaria – “SeAcret Sounds” 🙂 There are five students of Gong Master Massimo Piazza, Italy – Daniela Jakway, Vessela Nalbancheva, Nelina Ruseva
Yasen Georgiev
Everyone is a certified yoga teacher, conducting practices in different studios in Varna – Om Chanti, UniEni, Aluna, Realization Center, Tranquil Times, and also close to the city. Conduct group and individual sessions with Gong, and Ancient Sacred Instruments. What Gathers For It is Faith, Love, and Light on the Way.
What are gongs?
Space sounds of eight planetary gongs and one of Sound Creation series of Paiste Sun – 38 “, note” Si “in counter octave, Zodiac sign – Lion: hardness, stability, courage, power of will, health Venus – 24” “La”,
Zodiac sign – Libra and Taurus: sensuality, love, abundance, completeness.Luna Synodic (New Moon) – 24 “, note” Sol “
Zodiac sign – Cancer: Susceptibility, increased intuition, water, femininity, cycles, emotions.
Moon Sideric – 24 “, note” la “hay, Zodiac sign Cancer: emotional balance, receptivity, inner self, interaction, protection.
Earth platonic year – 30 “, note” Fa “, Zodiac sign – all: The annual cycle through all zodiacal signs. Finish, perfection, tranquility.
Jupiter – 28 “, note” Fa “Hail, Zodiac sign – Sagittarius: trust, abundance, openness, extension, validation. Sound Creation No 3B – Land 38 “(different from Planetary Earth Gongs) has a very deep and mysterious sound quality. It is described as “impassable and dark, with swollen peaks – mystical, knowing and loving.”
The place is Roman Thermi in Varna, start: 21 h.
Price: 3 leva entrance to the museum, 15 leva recommended donation for the concert.

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