Hello cuties!

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I know you are such as you read this. And I want to wish you an unforgettable summer, in which you are above all yourself, to do what your soul wants, not what you are expecting by default to become your best version. The one who will smile and attract more people!

Today is the day of the summer solstice and this is a really special day. I do not know if you felt it that way, but I’m sure that many changes, lay-shifts are ahead and they will be good for you! Believe it too. That’s what I’m telling you “start” of the nice summer experiences and I really start them. With one challenge to me that will last for 16 days. From tomorrow. Expect details soon. I’ll upload photos and a little bit of text as soon as possible, as well as the YouTube channel on my channel. I love you, love yourself too!

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